UC Berkeley Pokemon Go

The man behind Pokémon Go

Meet the UC Berkeley alum who created the most popular mobile game in history.

Climate change language UC ANR

Loss for words: Art, language and the challenges of living on a changing planet

Is climate change too abstract? A UC analyst says the right vocabulary can help us grapple with the problem.

Van Gogh crop

Letter unearthed at UC Berkeley sheds light on Van Gogh's ear

A doctor's note found in campus archives may finally clear up an enduring mystery.

UCLA Ninja Warrior

UCLA’s American Ninja Warrior

UC Riverside alumna competes in the Los Angeles finals of NBC’s crazy-hard obstacle course.

UCLA emancipation project

A legacy that lives on the walls

A UCLA professor leads young and underserved students from her community on a mural project.

UC Santa Cruz Gail Project

A world without the humanities

A UC Santa Barbara project, 4Humanities, draws attention to the importance of liberal arts in novel ways.

UC Davis Innovator Award

Engineers, painter first recipients of innovation awards

Awards reflect UC Davis' growing importance as a promoter of innovation.

UC Santa Cruz Nimoy Shatner Star Trek

Star Trek opera: Sci-fi meets soprano

UC Santa Cruz boldy goes where no adaptation has gone before.

UCLA building ancient manuscripts

UCLA to offer digital images of rare ancient manuscripts in Egypt

Project will preserve materials critically important to our understanding of Middle East history.

Walkman and iPhone

The iPhone’s ancestor

A UC Irvine writer reflects on how the Sony Walkman paved the way for smartphones to change the world.