UC Davis Innovator Award

Engineers, painter first recipients of innovation awards

Awards reflect UC Davis' growing importance as a promoter of innovation.

UC Santa Cruz Nimoy Shatner Star Trek

Star Trek opera: Sci-fi meets soprano

UC Santa Cruz boldy goes where no adaptation has gone before.

UCLA building ancient manuscripts

UCLA to offer digital images of rare ancient manuscripts in Egypt

Project will preserve materials critically important to our understanding of Middle East history.

Walkman and iPhone

The iPhone’s ancestor

A UC Irvine writer reflects on how the Sony Walkman paved the way for smartphones to change the world.

Sesame Riverside

Children trust ‘smart’ characters on television

New UC Riverside study finds that figures viewed as clever help preschoolers model problem-solving behavior.

Prince Super Bowl UCLA

Prince’s first manager reflects on the early days

"We were a family," says UCLA Extension’s Owen Husney.

Tea in its many forms will be explored at a UC Davis colloquium.

International colloquium launches Global Tea Initiative

UC Davis positions itself to be research leader on yet another beverage.

The Man in the Iron Mask UC Santa Barbara

Mystery unmasked

UC Santa Barbara historian solves 17th-century case of The Man in the Iron Mask.

Viet Thanh Nguyen

UC alums win 2016 Pulitzer Prizes

Graduates from UC Berkeley, UC Riverside and UC Santa Cruz among those honored.

UC Irvine America's Greatest Makers

Student inventors debut research on new reality show

A UC Irvine duo advances toward a $1 million grand prize with their innovative blood pressure tracker.