Game of Thrones UCLA

'Game of Thrones' costume designer to teach UCLA students

Two-time Emmy Award-winning Michele Clapton is the 2016 Swarovski Designer in Residence.

UC San Diego arts engineer

Visual arts and engineering transforming education

Engineers and visual artists collaborate on final projects together in a new studio on the UC San Diego campus.

UC Santa Barbara families

What’s in a name?

A UC Santa Barbara professor pursues a history of immigration's transformations.

Alice Wong UCSF

Alice Wong wins national disabilities organization award

UC San Francisco staff research associate and creator of the Disability Visibility Project receives a prestigious award for her advocacy.

UC Santa Barbara Frankenstein

Not just 'Frankenstein'

A UC Santa Barbara scholar shares her insights about the author behind one of the 19th century's famous works.

Milana Vayntrub

More than meets the eye

Widely known for her AT&T commercial work, UC San Diego alumna Milana Vayntrub is also a passionate DIY humanitarian. 

UC Riverside medicine humanities

Where medicine and the humanities meet

At UC Riverside, medical school students are combining traditional disciplines with liberal arts in order to deliver the best possible care.

Other Minds UC Santa Cruz

Other Minds donates archives to UC Santa Cruz

Music organization provides nearly 70 years of cutting-edge composer recordings, programs, and more.

Handel discovery UC Berkeley

Handel scholar discovers new cantata by a Baroque master

A UC Berkeley professor investigates an old manuscript and finds a new composition, to be conducted this spring.

UC Santa Barbara Nepal

Life imitates art

UC Santa Barbara theater professor works in Nepal to help produce the first-ever opera to debut in the country.