Climate change

smoggy Seoul, South Korea

A warmer world will be a hazier one

Computer models point to aerosol species increasing under climate change associated with greenhouse-gas-induced warming.

Hands below a light bulb

Big Ideas deadline approaches

Preproposals are due Nov. 12 for UC student innovation contest.

Gretchen Hofmann, UCSB

UC announces first Faculty Climate Action Champions

Select instructors at each campus will work with students on projects aimed at building community engagement and awareness.

V. "Ram" Ramanathan

UC researchers present 10 scalable solutions for climate change

These solutions offer a practical framework outlining both immediate and longer-term actions for moving toward carbon neutrality.

solar panels

California universities launch experiment to go carbon-neutral 'at scale'

UC pledges to stop contributing to climate change while going about its normal business. Can the lessons we’re learning here be scaled up to the nation and the world? 


When the elephants go, what will be left behind?

Loss of large land mammals could change landscapes forever. Earlier extinctions had significant impacts on both flora and other fauna that persist to this day.

Wind turbines

Bending the curve on climate change for California and the world

UC’s top climate experts are convening to create a practical blueprint for tackling climate change in advance of the Paris United Nations Climate Summit.

handling lettuce

Sustaining our salad

Multidisciplinary researchers win specialty-crops grant for project to improve lettuce crops.

ship sailing through polar ice

Leading thinkers address polar region changes

Global climate change’s impact on the poles will be focus of an upcoming meeting hosted by Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the American Polar Society.

thermal power plant

DOE selects UC to lead U.S.-China energy and water consortium

Berkeley, Irvine, Berkeley Lab, Davis, Merced and UCLA join forces in multi-million dollar effort to tackle water-related aspects of energy production and use.