Climate change

Atmospheric scientist leads U.S. team in joint report on climate change

Inez Fung is one of several esteemed co-authors of a landmark report that summarizes and highlights what is well understood in the field of climate study, and points to areas of uncertainty that require more research.
dried body of water

About California's drought

UC researchers offer insights on coping with the state's extended dry spell.
Arctic ice

Diminishing ice means a darker Arctic

Forty-five years after scientists hypothesized that global warming would make Arctic Ocean surfaces darker, Scripps team determines, through satellite data, how much the planet’s albedo has diminished.
climate change projections

Climate change shifts global species as expected

An international team of scientists tracks how fast and in which direction local climates — and species — have shifted.
dying pines

Climate's one-two punch

The combination of drought and warming climate may have major environmental consequences.

Why state’s water woes could be just beginning

1976-77 drought could be mild in comparison: Paleoclimatologist believes we could be facing the driest water year in 500 years.

Oysters face twin threats

Predators and ocean acidification spell doom for once-prevalent Olympia oysters.
color-coded map of the NYC metro area

Suburban sprawl cancels carbon-footprint savings in cities

Reliance on cars and trucks generates much greater greenhouse-gas emissions outside urban core areas.
bristlecone pines

Weather stations help answer climate questions

UC Natural Reserve System network provides data to measure how changes are impacting wildlife.
deep sea ecosystem - carbonates

World ocean systems undermined by climate change by 2100

Scientists warn against the high risk of degradation of marine ecosystems and the human hardships that may result.