Climate change


Climate change causes timing shifts in fish reproduction

Warmer ocean temperatures affect seasonal cycles, study finds.

moving snow at WISSARD drill site

Temperature's rising beneath West Antarctic ice sheet

Research team reports first direct measurement of geothermal heat flow rising from deep within the Earth to the bottom of the ice sheet.
wildflowers at Owens Peak

California’s wildflowers losing diversity in face of warmer, drier winters

Similar trends have been found in other Mediterranean environments, such as those of southern Europe.

New technique allows study of clouds in 3-D

Stereophotogrammetry provides a unique window into clouds, thus improving climate models.
oar sits atop parched earth

How climate change is making California’s epic drought worse

Studies suggest that climate change might give rise to a new climate regime, one in which the years of low precipitation will be accompanied by warm conditions.

Art, science inspire student climate-change activism

37 students are awarded fellowships to work on projects that support UC's Carbon Neutrality Initiative.
dried body of water

UC tackles California water security

Researchers forge strategies to accurately estimate snowpack, soil moisture and surface-water volumes, and improve monitoring of groundwater.
Sarah Moffitt

Sea change

Ocean ecosystems that experience rapid upheaval because of climate change can take thousands of years to recover.

do it in dark tank top

UC Santa Barbara goes lights out to win energy conservation contest

All UC campuses participated in the Campus Conservation Nationals, which challenges students, faculty and staff at 186 university campuses to reduce energy and water use.

Perfect storm of drought and unrest

A growing body of research suggests that extreme weather — using Syria as an example — increases the chances of violence, from individual attacks to full-scale wars.