Ecology & environment

Kevin Njabo and Tom Smith

Congo Basin Institute partnership is a ‘game-changer’ for environmental protection

Institute targets deforestation and disease control in the world's second largest rainforest.
fertilizer boxes at marijuana grow site

Environment takes big hit from water-intensive marijuana cultivation

Irrigation, pest control and garbage take heavy toll on drought-stressed watershed areas.
wildflowers at Owens Peak

California’s wildflowers losing diversity in face of warmer, drier winters

Similar trends have been found in other Mediterranean environments, such as those of southern Europe.
Lake Mead, Nevada

A third of world's biggest groundwater basins are in distress

Reserves are likely far smaller than previously thought, and some may have only decades left before running dry.
dying tree (iStock)

Our forests are dying

Drought, heat and insects are responsible for the death of more than 12 million trees in California.
Elkhorn Slough

Fertilizer 'dead zones' are killing fish

Nutrient-rich runoff from land takes a toll on fish nurseries in coastal estuaries and subsequently on commercial fisheries.

New approach to ID chemicals that raise risk of breast cancer

Exposure to synthetic chemicals and pollutants in air, water, food, workplaces and consumer products may account for a significant portion of breast cancer risk.
red rock shrimp

Cloudy shrimp, thanks to ocean acidification

Increased acidity is linked to more calcium in shrimp shells and, as a result, decreased shrimp transparency.

New technique allows study of clouds in 3-D

Stereophotogrammetry provides a unique window into clouds, thus improving climate models.
beekeeper and bees

Tiny parasite may have big impact on honey bees

Pathogen found to infect larvae as well as adult bees — another factor implicated in colony collapse disorder.