Ecology & environment

red rock shrimp

Cloudy shrimp, thanks to ocean acidification

Increased acidity is linked to more calcium in shrimp shells and, as a result, decreased shrimp transparency.

New technique allows study of clouds in 3-D

Stereophotogrammetry provides a unique window into clouds, thus improving climate models.
beekeeper and bees

Tiny parasite may have big impact on honey bees

Pathogen found to infect larvae as well as adult bees — another factor implicated in colony collapse disorder.
boat ramp at shallow lake (iStock)

Dealing with drought Down Under

Melbourne, Australia, cut its water use by half during its worst-ever drought without rate hikes.

President bestows awards for student leadership

Honors go to a Ph.D. candidate at UC San Diego and UC Riverside students operating a free health clinic.
dried body of water

California’s water paradox: why enough will never be enough

We are a land-rich but water-limited state, and increased supply leads to more demand.

Which is most valuable: gold, cocaine or rhino horn?

The answer is devastating news for Earth’s largest animals.
Scientists warn that humans have been depleting soil at rates that are orders of magnitude greater than our current ability to replenish it. They say that fixing this imbalance is critical to global food security over the next century.

Soil depletion threatens global food security

If trajectory does not change, soil erosion, combined with effects of climate change, will present huge risk to global food security over next century, soil scientists at UC Berkeley and UC Merced warn.
Sean Riley and P-32 as a cub

Behind the scenes with a mountain lion expert

Seth Riley, who teaches at UCLA and works for the National Park Service, has tracked 40 mountain lions living in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Trees killed by sudden oak death

Citizen science helps predict spread of sudden oak death

Efforts to predict the emergence and spread of sudden oak death, an infectious disease that kills oaks and other trees, have gotten a big boost from the work of grassroots volunteers.