Solar, water research proposals receive UC grants

Awards totaling an anticipated $5 million will fuel intercampus research into a sustainable future for the state and nation.
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Research you've got to talk about

Academic studies from the University of California were among the most talked about research in online and popular media.
pollution research van

Air pollution down thanks to diesel truck regulation

Berkeley Lab air quality scientists measure truck emissions at two busy San Francisco Bay Area locations.
California condor (UC Davis)

Condors with greater independence have higher lead levels

As the majestic birds return from the brink of extinction, the threat of lead poisoning persists, particularly for older, more independent condors.

Seasonal pattern of infections in deadly bat disease

White-nose syndrome fungus can infect an entire bat colony during hibernation, but surviving bats are able to clear the infection after they become active again.

Undergrads earn bronze medal in bioengineering competition

iGEM team worked to engineer a microbe to produce biofuel from cellulose.
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Traffic jams can hurt the heart

Clogged interstates aggravate clogged arteries, according to research by a UC Irvine graduate student.
Students in NRS Field Quarter Program

Systemwide program immerses students in the natural world

UC Natural Reserve System's Field Quarter Program offers extended, up-close observation of California habitats and opportunities for hands-on research.

Coexist or perish, wildfire analysis says

UC scientists take part in research that advocates changing from fighting fire to coexisting with it as a natural process.

Aiming for a carbon neutral future

Representatives from UC campuses and research labs meet to discuss the ambitious systemwide Carbon Neutrality Initiative.