Ecology & environment

H1N1 virus UC Davis

Shining light on the social lives of viruses

Animal behavior theories can provide a fresh look at how viruses spread, scientist says.

UC Davis cleaner disinfectant

Why a little dirt is good for us

Disinfectants can inhibit cellular energy production and even lead to an increased risk of Parkinson's disease.

food podcast UC Berkeley

New podcast explores people, places behind the food we eat

The Berkeley Food Institute explores the network of people and places behind what we eat in a new series.

New reports detail how to limit global warming, warn of ‘existential’ risk from not acting soon

Two new reports find that cutting CO2 emissions will not be enough to stop catastrophic global warming, but we have more tools at our disposal.

drinking water

Manganese in drinking water a cause for concern

A wide-ranging study suggests officials should monitor the chemical element as a possible public health threat.

UC Davis deer study

What roadkill is costing California

Collisions with wildlife were up by 20 percent in 2016.

Bulldog surgery

Puppies benefit from stem cell treatment for children with spina bifida

A UC Davis-developed therapy that shows great promise helps two pups in need.

UC Berkeley inland empire jobs

How California's climate policies created an economic boon

Renewable energy provided more than 60,000 jobs to the Inland Empire, study finds.

UC Davis shrimp mantis

Biology in Technicolor

Scientists are seeking to understand how, and why, color is produced by animals.

dog UC Davis

4 great ways to keep your dog safe this summer

Follow these tips from the School of Veterinary Medicine and enjoy the great oudoors worry-free.