Brain scans: with (left) and without obstructive sleep apnea

More proof that sleep apnea hurts the brain

Weaker blood flow to the brain results from the disorder.
UC President Napolitano at Doctors Academy event

Napolitano encourages aspiring doctors in Fresno

UC president encourages high school students to pursue their dreams and help address physician shortage in the San Joaquin Valley.
Melanoma drug Keytruda in action

FDA approves new melanoma drug

Drug that turns on the immune system to fight deadly cancers is a ‘game changer,’ says study’s principal investigator.

Microbial-based antimalarial drug shipped to Africa

Thirteen-year project culminates with pharmaceutical firm sending 1.7 million treatments of semi-synthetic artemisinin.

Dying in the hospital more likely if ER is closed

Emergency department closures don't just hurt patients — they have a ripple effect on surrounding communities.

Amputation more likely for poorer diabetics

Poor patients are up to 10 times more likely to lose a limb than wealthier ones; earlier care could prevent most losses.
woman at computer

Expanding access to specialty care

Electronic consultation program between primary care physicians and specialists aims to reduce unnecessary in-person appointments, improve patient outcomes and lower costs.
Amy Sitapati and patient

Providing a medical home for HIV patients

At UC San Diego Health System, a multidisciplinary approach to HIV care management is improving outcomes for patients. This approach could be a model for chronic care management for others.
UCLA Dr. Michelle Bholat (right) gives a lesson on electronic medical records to international medical graduates (from left) Hendry Perez Pascual, Marcus Medina and Gloria Monsalve

Creating a pathway to practice

A UCLA program helps doctors trained in Latin American countries and legally residing in the U.S. to become licensed family physicians here and work with underserved communities.
Dr. Alpesh Amin (center) with medical staffer and patient

Preventing dangerous blood clots

UC Irvine Health clinicians have developed novel strategies to prevent the condition, which is a leading cause of preventable deaths.