Study finds acute alcohol misuse among suicidal people

One-third of all suicides involved heavy drinking before the attempt, UCLA Luskin researchers find.

Single dose of drug reverses autism-like symptoms in mice

Old treatment for sleeping sickness may lead to new way to battle neurological disorder.

Lower vitamin D level in blood linked to higher premature death rate

People with deficiency are twice as likely to die early, study finds

Mexican genetics study reveals huge variation in ancestry

UC San Francisco-Stanford team uncovers basis for health differences among Latinos in Mexico.

Engineers take part in 'WalkAgain' at World Cup

A paraplegic with the help of robotic exoskeleton will kick a ball during the opening ceremony of soccer tournament.

Poor health, lifestyle factors linked to memory complaints

Early complaints often precursors to significant decline in later life, UCLA/Gallup study says.

Researchers discover hormone that controls supply of iron in red blood cell production

Findings could lead to treatments for blood disorders associated with both iron deficiencies and overloads.

UC leaders to speak at Health for Tomorrow conference

Event, focused on changing landscape of health care, will be webcast live.

UCSF Global Health Sciences receives $6M for neglected diseases

Funding from Gates Foundation and Carlos Slim Health Institute will target Chagas’ disease, dengue and onchocerciasis.

Discovery of how Taxol works could lead to better anticancer drugs

Subtle cell disruption is key to widely-used drug's effectiveness.