The ultimate betrayal

Robert Bruce and Adil Daud
Robert Bruce meets with Adil Daud, MD, at UCSF Medical Center to discuss the progress of his immunotherapy treatments as part of Daud's clinical trial of the PD-1 antibody.
Credit: Cindy Chew

When Robert Bruce, of El Dorado, Calif., was diagnosed in March 2011 with stage-4 melanoma, he already had tumors on his head, lungs, ribs and lymph nodes.

human T cell

Killing cancer through the immune system

What if the body could heal itself of even the most aggressive and deadly tumors? In the span of a few years, the idea has gone from New Age notion to medical reality.
mature man

Testosterone therapy linked to heart attacks in mature men

For men under 65, 'low-T' may pose less of a problem than the popular treatment. Men over 65 appear to be at greater risk, too.

Researchers open door to new HIV therapy

Researchers ID new target for possible anti-AIDS drugs that would complement current cocktail of drugs used to keep HIV in check.
mother and baby

How much does it cost to have a baby in a hospital?

Expect to spend a pretty penny on that bundle of joy.

Why UC is participating in Covered California

UC is helping to increase access to affordable health care.
woman holding wine glass

Can a glass of wine a day keep the doctor away?

Drinking in moderation — but not to excess — can help boost your immune response to vaccination.

Student paves way for new medical clinic in Uganda

When a young Ugandan shared his dream of starting the first hospital in his district to provide free health care services, a UCLA undergraduate student chose to help make it a reality.
precision medicine

Searching genes for drug reactions

UCSF School of Pharmacy is one of the first pharmacy schools in the nation to offer its students genetic testing for drug response.

Interactive tool helps patients discuss depression

Computer program helps users identify symptoms, facilitates discussion with physicians.