Using biomarkers to identify, treat schizophrenia

Researchers say lab-based tests may be a boon to both clinicians and researchers.

Lower-nicotine cigarettes may help smokers quit

Smokers in study did not overcompensate for lower nicotine content.

Heart transplant program reaches major milestone

UCLA's program, founded in 1984, is the first in the western U.S. and only the second in the world to reach 2,000 transplants.
Infant in NICU

Tattoo electronics used to monitor newborns

Study will test whether bulky electronics could be replaced with a stamp-sized wearable patch of tiny circuits, sensors, and wireless transmitters.

Hepatitis C — urgency to fight viral foe grows

Battle against disease waged in cities and suburbs.

How infectious disease may have shaped human origins

Genetic reaction to strep or E. coli could mark turning point in survival of ancient humans.
Olney sitting in his office

UCSF ALS Center’s founding director dies of the disease he studied

Richard K. Olney, MD, founding director of the ALS Treatment and Research Center at UCSF and a pioneer in clinical research on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), has died at age 64, following his own eight-year battle with the disease.