aerial view of the mission bay campus

Mission Bay at 10

UCSF celebrates the strides it has made since it launched its Mission Bay campus a decade ago.
Lab coat with stethoscope

A prescription for increasing diversity

UC medical schools make progress in attracting underrepresented minority students.

Medical students learn through song

UCSF pathologist uses power of song to teach hard-to-learn facts

Recipe for starting a family: Add walnuts

Eating about two handfuls of the nuts a day appears to improve sperm quality.

Have iPad, will travel

UC Irvine medical students are showing the world how technology can improve health care.

Using biomarkers to identify, treat schizophrenia

Researchers say lab-based tests may be a boon to both clinicians and researchers.

Lower-nicotine cigarettes may help smokers quit

Smokers in study did not overcompensate for lower nicotine content.

Heart transplant program reaches major milestone

UCLA's program, founded in 1984, is the first in the western U.S. and only the second in the world to reach 2,000 transplants.
Infant in NICU

Tattoo electronics used to monitor newborns

Study will test whether bulky electronics could be replaced with a stamp-sized wearable patch of tiny circuits, sensors, and wireless transmitters.

Hepatitis C — urgency to fight viral foe grows

Battle against disease waged in cities and suburbs.