UC Irvine Sumner Norman

Robots help stroke victims rehab

Patients regain motor control through technology developed by an engineering grad student.

Dalai Lama app UCSF

When the Dalai Lama asks you to make an app...

Inspired by her work with the spiritual leader, Eve Ekman has created an app to help health care workers avoid burnout.

Goldman Mellor UC Merced

Researcher tracking teens who attempted suicide

New grant will support study of long-term outcomes to help them live healthier, happier lives.

Rebecca Smith-Bindman, UC San Francisco

Safety in numbers: Project reduces radiation doses

UC project finds roadmap to improve patient safety in radiation exposure.

human T cells artificial

UCLA develops artificial thymus that produces cancer-fighting cells

This could be an important step for treating many different types of cancer.

UCLA Lombards kidney transplant pioneers

Daughter, father celebrate 50-year milestone of kidney transplant at UCLA

Denice Lombard was 13 when her father donated a kidney to save her life.

UCSF blood pressure doctor

Race ranks higher than pounds in diabetes, heart health risks

South Asians, Hispanics of normal weight most likely to have high glucose, hypertension.

UC San Diego mice study prozac depression

Better than Prozac?

A mouse study identifies a new method for treating depression.

UC Merced epigenomics

Can the study of epigenomics lead to personalized cancer treatment?

Chemical modifications that do not change our DNA but can affect gene activity are a new tool for biomedicine.

UC-Mexico Binational Health Forum

First binational health forum held as part of the UC-Mexico Initiative

The landmark summit focused on health issues relevant to Mexico and the US, with special attention to California.