Sugar diagram

Cracking the sugar code: Why the ‘glycome’ is the next big thing in health and medicine

The long sugar chains covering our cells could provide answers to cancer, aging and autoimmune diseases.

Scientist in hazmat suit holds bat

Finding Ebola before it finds you

For the first time, scientists discover a new Ebola species in a host prior to detection in an infected human or animal.

Does the keto diet live up to its promise?

As the super low-carb ketogenic diet gains popularity, scientists explain what we do and don’t know.

Man smoking e-cigarette

Heart attack risk doubles for daily e-cigarette users

Vaping provides no improvement over regular cigarettes, study finds.

Hands holding up plastic bottles

Is plastic making us fat?

When it comes to the obesity epidemic, plastics are fuel for the fire.

UC Riverside doctor burned out

Physicians are burning out. Here's why.

One big factor is the use of electronic health records. 

Neurosurgeon’s accurate diagnosis restored teen’s vision

After two years of living in darkness and pain, Rhianna Wilson's future looks bright

A pregnant woman relaxed on a bed

56 suspect chemicals found in the average pregnant woman

A new screening method shows that we may have more exposure to industrial chemicals than we thought.

Answering medical questions on a tablet

Big data, big wins in medicine

Advances in patient care have already begun, thanks to UC's innovative approach to clinical data.

Anna Song with two packs of cigarettes

Multimillion-dollar grant brings nicotine and cannabis policy center to campus

The new center positions UC Merced and the San Joaquin Valley as leaders in public health.