Bulldog surgery

Puppies benefit from stem cell treatment for children with spina bifida

A UC Davis-developed therapy that shows great promise helps two pups in need.

UCLA sleeping teenager

Why one teenager may need more — or less — sleep than another

New study finds the sweet spot for adolescent rest.

Kornbluth UCSF monologue

Comedian looks to tell the stories of dementia patients, caregivers

Josh Kornbluth empowers others to use storytelling as a therapeutic tool.

washing hands LLNL

Antibacterial chemicals may cause adverse effects from mother to child

Triclocarban (TCC) found to be a potential health risk in the womb and during lactation.

UC Irvine salad greek

Low-calorie diet may help keep the body young

The link between metabolism and aging revealed.

UCSF pregnant woman

Sleep disorders linked to preterm birth

Insomnia and sleep apnea nearly double the risk of birth before 34 weeks.

UCSF best hospital US News

UC hospitals ranked among best in the nation, state

U.S. News ranks the top 20 hospitals in the nation, plus best in state and metro area.

flame retardant UCSF

Flame retardant exposure found to lower IQ in children

Largest review of research to date shows clear connection between PBDEs and decreased intelligence.

UCSF astronaut spacewalk

Traveling to Mars will wreak havoc on our bodies — can we prevent it?

Researchers explore how we can make the human body ready for prolonged space flight.

Wine glass UC San Diego

Happy hour: A second drink linked to staying sharp in old age, new study finds

Older adults with moderate regular alcohol intake found more likely to live to 85 without dementia.