UCSF baldness treatment

A new baldness treatment?

Those facing hair loss may want to become familiar with 'Tregs.'

escaping jet lag UCLA

How to beat jet lag (according to science)

Setting off? Don't forget to pack this advice.

Algae UCLA

UC collaboration unlocks a key to biofuel

The algae in your fishtank could provide new fuel and medical applications, thanks to its UC-decoded genome.

UC Santa Cruz cancer crosshairs

Cancer in the crosshairs

UC Santa Cruz is taking on cancer where it begins: the genome.

UCSF prostate cancer scan

Scientists identify biomarkers to guide hormone therapy for prostate cancer

Study indicates that genomic test may personalize therapy for patients.

UC Berkeley ModRoof

Thinking inside the cardboard box

UC Berkeley engineers use materials at hand to solve global problems, like roofing material made from recycled cardboard.

UC launches drug discovery consortium

UC to work as system to speed and increase development of a range of drugs to help patients.

UCLA battery free

New battery-free implant is powered by your body

Supercapacitor could make pacemakers safer and more durable.

UCSF female doctor

4 out of 5 physician moms report discrimination, much of it based on motherhood

Longer paid maternity leaves, backup child care and lactation support are recommended in a new study.

Ecuador roses UC San Diego

Why you shouldn't get mom roses this year

In a cruel twist, pesticide-infused Mother’s Day bouquets exported from Ecuador are shown to harm children.