HIV kick kill UCLA

Researchers create molecule that could ‘kick and kill’ HIV

A synthetic particle can awaken dormant virus cells and knock them out in lab animals — a significant advance.

UC Davis cleaner disinfectant

Why a little dirt is good for us

Disinfectants can inhibit cellular energy production and even lead to an increased risk of Parkinson's disease.

UC San Diego immunotherapy

DNA mutations found in blood predict response to immunotherapy in patients with cancer

In a first-of-its-kind study, scientists find you don't need a biopsy to determine if the treatment will work.

black tea UCLA

Black tea may help with weight loss, too

The beverage promotes good health and lower weight by changing the mixture of bacteria in the gut.

clock reset UC Santa Cruz

Scientists are unraveling the mystery of your body’s clock — and soon may be able to reset it

Whether you're a night owl or a morning lark, circadian rhythms control just about every aspect of your health.

UCSF fertility technique

Breast cancer patients can freeze their eggs without delaying chemotherapy

A new fertility technique enables doctors to harvest eggs in only two weeks.

Tabla award UC Berkeley

Student-designed medical device wins Fast Company award

Tabla, a cheaper alternative to X-rays, uses sound waves to diagnose pneumonia.

UC Irvine gift building

Landmark gift to transform healthcare

UC Irvine receives $200 million gift from Susan and Henry Samueli to launch major integrative health initiative.

alcohol UCSF mouse study

New clues for ending alcohol abuse

Blocking a protein in mice causes them to abandon 'problem drinking,' study finds.

UC Davis carbs

Eat fats, live longer?

Mouse study shows forgoing carbs increases longevity, strength.