Wine glass UC San Diego

Happy hour: A second drink linked to staying sharp in old age, new study finds

Older adults with moderate regular alcohol intake found more likely to live to 85 without dementia.

UCSF Esserman WISDOM study

Massive study launched to test personalized approach to breast cancer screening

UC Health study aims to resolve ambiguity about the importance of annual mammograms.

Lim Knowland UC San Diego

Brain circuits that express depression successfully altered

Neuroscientists alleviate or reverse social withdrawal and helplessness behavior in a new study.

UCSF traumatic brain injury

Drug reverses memory failure caused by traumatic brain injury

Brain-injured mice perform as well as normal mice on memory tests after treatment.

Making the ultimate mosquito repellent

How getting to know a mosquito’s nose helped researchers sniff out better bug sprays.

Growing a true hometown physician

Newly minted UCSF grad Walid Hamud-Ahmed learned a lot about how to be a good doctor by working in his family store.

Peter Stock UCSF

A surgeon's fight to legalize HIV-to-HIV organ transplants around the world

Dr. Peter Stock's advocacy from D.C. to South Africa has helped overturn laws and save lives.

HIV inhibitor UC Merced

Researcher continues progress toward effective HIV inhibitor

Patricia LiWang's new, topical delivery system could help solve lingering HIV prevention problems.

UCSF senior pain management

Chronic pain linked to increased dementia risk

Study exposes the need for a more holistic way of treating older adults.

UCLA TMS depression therapy

UCLA doctors use magnetic stimulation to ‘rewire’ the brain for people with depression

FDA-approved therapy appears to be effective for some whose condition isn’t improved with medication.