UCLA Aldrovandi

Breastfeeding plays important role in ‘seeding’ infant microbiome with beneficial bacteria

Study finds that nearly one-third of beneficial bacteria in baby’s intestinal tract comes directly from mother’s milk.

UC Berkeley Pac-Man

Pac-Man-like CRISPR enzymes have potential for disease diagnostics

Jennifer Doudna's lab discovers an application that could identify viruses like Zika cheaply and quickly.

DNA differences UCSF

First clear-cut risk genes for Tourette syndrome revealed

Results point to a 'bright future' for understanding the disorder.

The construction of dams and irrigation of arid areas have been a boon to rice farming in Ethiopia. While enhancing food productivity and economic development, such environmental modifications could have unforeseen detrimental effects on malaria transmiss

Tackling malaria worldwide

NIH awards three UC campuses up to $25 million to help improve malaria control.

chest X-ray

Surprising new role for lungs: Making blood

UCSF scientists discover our breathing organ is a veritable factory of blood and immune stem cells.

Female cancer patient

Second cancers deadlier in younger patients

Findings may account for relatively poor outcomes.

Study to explore HIV and aging

UC Riverside's Brandon Brown will lead two-year project funded by Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

Dr. Kodi Azari, director of the UCLA Hand Transplant program, gets a good grip on Jonathan Koch's transplanted hand. Azari led the surgical teams that amputated Koch's hand and later transplanted a donor hand.

A true Hollywood story: Executive makes dramatic recovery from hand transplant

UCLA's Dr. Kodi Azari uses novel approach to prepare man for complex surgery.

alcohol abuse UCSF

The hormone oxytocin is being tested for treatment of PTSD and alcohol abuse

Military personnel, who suffer these afflictions at a greater rate, may finally get some relief.

UC Irvine Sumner Norman

Robots help stroke victims rehab

Patients regain motor control through technology developed by an engineering grad student.