The goal of the UC Cures for Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative is to move research for potential treatments for the disorder into early proof-of-concept clinical trials.

Could gene therapy halt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease? A first-in-human clinical trial will seek answers

Earlier animal studies suggest the restorative gene treatment may slow, prevent or reverse progression of the disorder.

Blue scale on a yellow background

Is this one protein responsible for weight gain?

Diminishing a single protein in a set of mice caused them to gain only half the weight of other mice, even on a high-fat diet.

Wearable patch prototype on skin

New skin patch brings us closer to wearable, all-in-one health monitor

The tool could be a boon to people who need to monitor underlying conditions, like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Illustration of someone using an Aeronabs inhaler, surrounded by virus molecules

A UCSF team has engineered a tiny antibody capable of neutralizing the coronavirus

Called a nanobody, this treament could be taken by someone with COVID-19 to reduce their viral load immediately.

Woman wearing a mask holding up another mask to the camera

Should we be double masking?

Epidemiologist Brandon Brown answers this and other new COVID-19 questions.

Martin Monti

Scientists jump-start two people’s brains after coma

‘Stunning to see with your own eyes,’ says UCLA neuroscientist Martin Monti.

Jesse Jokerst

Making masks smarter and safer against COVID-19

Researchers are developing a color-changing test strip to detect SARS-CoV-2 in a mask wearer’s breath or saliva.

COVID-19 predictions for 2021 and beyond

Health experts offer their view of the path ahead.

Erik Engelson

UC San Diego alumnus at helm of company behind first at-home COVID test

The test kit uses a simple nasal swab to return results in 30 minutes, anywhere, any time.

Human figure graphic

How worried should you be about the new coronavirus variant?

UCSF infectious disease expert Charles Chiu on how the new variant emerged, whether available vaccines will still work and what we need to do now.