UC Davis bulldog Moxie

Bulldogs’ screw tails linked to human genetic disease

Scientists find the genetic basis for these dogs’ appearance, and link it to a rare inherited syndrome in humans.

Colorful old man in a chair illustration

The mystery of the super-ager

Researchers are trying to figure out the secret to some elderly people's success.

Two half-full beers on a sandy beach

UC’s most buzzworthy research of 2018

A looming beer shortage, the gender paradox and consumer products dominated the conversation this year.


The buzz about a malaria prevention drug

Half a million tests and many mosquitoes later, reserarchers are zeroing in on compounds that could prevent the disease.

Older man coping with anxiety

Depression, anxiety may take same toll on health as smoking and obesity

Arthritis, heart disease, stroke — but not cancer — are strongly swayed by psychological status, study finds.

An elderly Asian couple plays a game

Sex chromosomes hold the secret to female longevity

Two X’s and ovaries extend life and protect mice from aging.

A woman holds her friend

How to support a friend facing a medical crisis

Cynthia Perlis shares her most important takeaways from 30 years of listening to cancer patients at UCSF.

In vitro fertilization illustration

What’s so controversial about the first gene-edited babies? Experts explain

Researcher He Jiankui’s announcement of the first babies with DNA edited as embryos causes concern.

Tumor cell UC San Diego

Detecting cancer's ability to spread

New sensors detect and measure single cancer cells' potential to metastasize, the leading cause of cancer deaths.

Space X UCLA

Can space help us understand our cells?

A UCLA scientist looks to space for possible treatment of some neurological diseases.