Tailocins on bacteria digital visualization

The incredible bacterial ‘homing missiles’ that scientists want to harness

A Berkeley Lab-led team is digging into bacteria-produced nanomachines that could fast-track microbiome science.

Young Black woman in hospital room

FDA approves first test of CRISPR to correct genetic defect causing sickle cell disease

UC scientists and physicians hope to permanently cure patients of sickle cell disease by using CRISPR-Cas9 to replace a defective gene with the normal version.

Man and woman jogging together

To keep a sharp mind, start thinking of heart health in your 20s

Obesity, hypertension and high glucose in early adulthood may take a heavy toll on cognition late in life, UCSF-led study shows.

Dr. Carrie Byington administers a vaccine at Petco Park

Navigating a year of heartbreak and hope: Q&A with Dr. Carrie L. Byington, executive vice president of UC Health

A look at UC’s role in helping California respond to an unprecedented crisis.

A COVID-19 vaccine

How effective is the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine? Here’s what you should know

How it differs, how well it works against the new variants and whether you should be worried about transmitting the virus after vaccination.

Vaccine syringe by Susan Merrell

How robustly will individuals respond to the COVID-19 vaccine — and for how long?

Age, stress and lack of sleep contribute to response in a variety of vaccines. Is a COVID-19 booster shot next?

A Black woman baking with her young son

Internet trends suggest COVID-19 spurred a return to earlier values and activities

American values, attitudes and activities have changed dramatically during COVID-19, according to a new study of online behavior.

Young female student in mask at a library on computer

3 ways to cope with COVID-19 fatigue

UC Davis Health psychologist Kaye Hermanson suggests ways to alleviate daily stressors.

President Drake administers a vaccine to a woman at the community hub

Let’s get vaccinated, for our families and communities, says UC President Drake in a new video

President Drake, who provided vaccinations on a recent Sunday at a community hub in the Mission District, delivers a PSA on why getting immunized against COVID-19 is so important.

Coronavirus molecule

Are we stuck with COVID-19 forever?

Experts weigh in on whether COVID-19 is here to stay.