Child with sensory processing disorder at play

The unbearable sensation of being

Everyday stimuli can be excruciating for kids with sensory processing disorder. Scientists are finding out why.

Daniel Ciccarone with camera

Opioid crisis: This doctor’s street-level views could change the course of the epidemic

UCSF's Daniel Ciccarone explores opioid use up close to try to stem the rising tide of overdoses.

Electric impulses may help brain recover from shock

Electrically stimulating the brain may restore movement after stroke

The findings suggest the potential for brain implants to treat stroke patients.

UC Riverside pain expectation

Does pain expected equal pain felt? Ask a kid

A science-backed strategy can help calm your kid before their next blood draw or shot.

hot car study UC San Diego

Hot cars can hit life-threatening levels in only an hour

Interior temperatures can rise to 116 degrees Fahrenheit, potentially causing fatal injuries to children trapped inside.

Lucy Ogbu-Nwobodo with her mother

A Cinderella story 16 years in the making

With her graduation from UC Davis med school, Lucy Ogbu-Nwobodo realized a dream that once seemed impossible.

UCSF transplant in utero

Baby born in world’s first in utero stem cell transplant trial

The fetal treatment may one day cure disorders months before birth.

UC Berkeley Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan, on science, psychedelics and the human mind

The UC Berkeley professor talks his ‘trip’ through a whole new world on a new podcast.

UCSF pregnant preterm

New test reliably predicts risk of preterm birth

Identifying women at risk in the second trimester could lead to early treatment and prevention.

UC San Diego pancreatic cancer

New blood test rapidly detects signs of deadly cancer

Pancreatic cancer is often detected too late, but a new diagnostic tool shows promise.