Neurosurgeon’s accurate diagnosis restored teen’s vision

After two years of living in darkness and pain, Rhianna Wilson's future looks bright

A pregnant woman relaxed on a bed

56 suspect chemicals found in the average pregnant woman

A new screening method shows that we may have more exposure to industrial chemicals than we thought.

Answering medical questions on a tablet

Big data, big wins in medicine

Advances in patient care have already begun, thanks to UC's innovative approach to clinical data.

Anna Song with two packs of cigarettes

Multimillion-dollar grant brings nicotine and cannabis policy center to campus

The new center positions UC Merced and the San Joaquin Valley as leaders in public health.

Vitamin D pills spill from a bottle

Could vitamin D lower your risk for breast cancer?

A new study suggests that those with higher levels of the vitamin had one-fifth the risk.

UC Berkeley CRISPR illustration

CRISPR reduces autism symptoms in mice

Exaggerated repetitive behavior characteristic of autism was lessened after a receptor was edited.

sun dog UCSF

Staying safe in the sun – a dermatologist helps separate facts from hype

Don't get burned by bad advice this summer.

Before and after pictures of Hussein

Family travels 7,500 miles to save son’s life with treatment developed at UCLA

Stem cell gene therapy cures baby with life-threatening immune disorder.

Rachelle Crosbie-Watson driving her Corvette

Curing a deadly childhood disease, sharing her love of science, and a sleek ’68 Corvette drive this biochemist

Mashable captures a day in the life of Duchenne muscular dystrophy researcher.

Doctor and seated patient

Microchips can permanently link patients with clinical samples

The new technology could make some common medical mistakes could be a thing of the past.