Pancreatic beta cells in a lab dish

Functional, insulin-producing cells grown in lab

A stem cell breakthrough opens the door to Type 1 diabetes care.

First author Christian Guerrero-Juarez and Maksim Plikus, associate professor in developmental and cell biology.

UC Irvine-led study reveals how blood cells help wounds heal scar-free

New insights could lead to better anti-scarring treatments.

Gregor Martynus and Jana Gallus hold their triplets

Lullabies to help premature infants eat

Researchers work with a family with triplets to study a lullaby device used in the intensive care unit.

Tina Sacks UC Berkeley

Why middle-class black women dread the doctor’s office

A new book by Tina Sacks tells the human stories behind racial biases in health care.

Man flu sick

What you should know about this year’s flu

Infectious disease expert and clinician Charles Chiu answers your questions about the flu.

UC San Diego printed implants

3-D printed implants show promise for treating spinal cord injury

The soft, implantable “bridges” guide new nerve cells to grow where the spinal cord has been severed.

Multiple sclerosis brain scan

How gut immune cells can fight multiple sclerosis

Scientists are learning how our guts connect to our brains.

Sugar boxes that say shock in a row

Sugar’s sick secrets: How industry forces have manipulated science to downplay the harm

The sugar industry has driven decades of biased research that shirk sugar's responsibility for chronic disease.

Alzheimer's disease as shown in a brain PET scan

Artificial intelligence can detect Alzheimer’s disease in brain scans 6 years before a diagnosis

A machine-learning algorithm diagnosed early-stage Alzheimer’s disease using a common PET scan.

Gopesh Tilvawala speaks to someone across a table

Graduate student’s steerable brain device wins big at inventors competition

Gopesh Tilvawala is developing a first-of-its-kind catheter to navigate tiny arteries in the brain.