Paper faces, signifying a group, mostly blue but a few red

Q&A: What is realistic when it comes to herd immunity?

When will we get back to normal? Dr. Chip Schooley, a national leader in getting students successfully back to campus, offers some insight.

Whisky poured into a glass

A new treatment for alcohol abuse

Researchers have devised a dual-drug therapy for alcohol use disorder (AUD), without the side effects or complications associated with current treatment regimens.

An older woman wearing a mask looks at her phone

Text-message ‘nudges’ can encourage holdouts to get COVID vaccination, study finds

The researchers said their findings held true across all demographics, including groups that have been hesitant to receive the vaccine.

A cup of coffee

Coffee doesn’t raise your risk for heart rhythm problems

UCSF cardiology researchers report no link between coffee consumption and arrhythmia.

Nurse smiling with a baby

University of California Health hospitals recognized among the best in California and the nation

Five UC academic health centers were among the best in the state, with UCLA Health at the very top, in the new U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals rankings.

Tarantula on a plant

Turning tarantula venom into pain relief

Could modified venom from the Peruvian green velvet tarantula help end the opiod epidemic?

A man looks at a screen where his words appear while wearing a device on his head

‘Neuroprosthesis’ allows man with paralysis to put thoughts into words freely — a first

The new technology, which translates signals from the brain, could lead to more natural communication for people who have suffered speech loss.

Astronaut on a spacewalk

Space travel weakens our immune systems — now scientists may know why

As private citizens express interest in going to space, a late UCSF astronaut may have figured out an important riddle.

Man with mask with a coronavirus illustrated next to him

How concerned should we be about the Delta variant?

Experts share their thoughts about the SARS-CoV-2 variant, which is now in nearly every state.

Troy Plunkett and Joseph Bello

Award-winning UC Merced grad works to improve wheelchair accessibility

Strauss Foundation scholar Joseph Bello focuses on getting people the wheelchairs they need, faster.