What kind of person donates a kidney to a stranger?

‘All you have to do is lay on the couch for a couple weeks,’ remarks life-saving UC staffer Katherine Welsh.

A clock on a dinner plate

Time-restricted eating can overcome the bad effects of faulty genes and unhealthy diet

They say ‘you are what you eat.’ But a new study suggests that when you eat may be just as important.

UCSF spinal cord injury

A new spinal cord injury treatment is getting patients back on their feet

Patients are recovering from injuries that were once believed to be irreversible.

Antibiotics UCLA

New antibiotics that work

8,000 new combinations are surprisingly effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Sugar diagram

Cracking the sugar code: Why the ‘glycome’ is the next big thing in health and medicine

The long sugar chains covering our cells could provide answers to cancer, aging and autoimmune diseases.

Scientist in hazmat suit holds bat

Finding Ebola before it finds you

For the first time, scientists discover a new Ebola species in a host prior to detection in an infected human or animal.

Does the keto diet live up to its promise?

As the super low-carb ketogenic diet gains popularity, scientists explain what we do and don’t know.

Man smoking e-cigarette

Heart attack risk doubles for daily e-cigarette users

Vaping provides no improvement over regular cigarettes, study finds.

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Is plastic making us fat?

When it comes to the obesity epidemic, plastics are fuel for the fire.

UC Riverside doctor burned out

Physicians are burning out. Here's why.

One big factor is the use of electronic health records.