Someone putting on hand cream

Skin repair reduces ‘inflamm-aging’ factors linked to chronic disease

In a pilot study, treatment with a reparative skin cream lowered cytokine levels which are linked to Alzheimer's and more.

UCSF stress meditation group

Can short-term stress make the body and mind more resilient?

A new UCSF study is testing a theory about how much stress is good for us.

A green eye open against a green background

Regaining sight

Blind mice regain sight with a simple gene therapy that could be available to humans in three years.

Bulldog bored at a desk

Dragging? Blame the ‘time pollution’ of springing forward

The body doesn't take kindly to time change.

A comparison of two brains

Dementia looks different in brains of Latinos

A first-of-its-kind study has uncovered dramatic racial differences in the brains of those with dementia.

Hand reaches for a prescription

Google translates doctor's orders into Spanish and Chinese — with a few important caveats

Long, jargon-filled sentences have the potential to cause clinically significant harm, but overall, the algorithm impresses.

Thumbs up from an older woman who is standing

Want to fight heart disease? Stand up.

Too much sitting has been connected to premature mortality, diabetes and more. Now, add heart disease to that list.

Two women on a sidewalk hold a board showing different sizes of bottles and cans

Three years into soda tax, sugary drink consumption down more than 50 percent in Berkeley

Taxes may be a promising new tool in the fight again obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Coffee cup on a table

Most triggers for irregular heartbeat can be easily modified

The majority of atrial fibrillation triggers are lifestyle-related, such as alcohol, caffeine, exercise and lack of sleep.

Hearing aid adjusted by senior man with senior woman nearby

How hearing impairment is associated with cognitive decline

The impact of mild hearing loss may be lessened by higher education.