Van Riper sitting at a computer with a doctor

The first genome surgeons

CRISPR opens door to new type of medicine: “genome surgery.”

Linda Liau photo composite

Nine UC faculty elected to National Academy of Medicine

More than 200 UC-affiliated professionals have received this prestigious honor since 1970.

Woman anxiously looking at computer

Sick of googling symptoms and getting bad information? Here's a second opinion.

You can search for better health answers by using a free internet health assistant developed by medical researchers.

UCSF Shuvo Roy

The Kidney Project and the bioartificial pancreas: When inspiration strikes twice

Shuvo Roy is not content to just work on the world's first bioartificial kidney. Now he's doing the same for the pancreas.

Someone getting their blood pressure taken

What if doctors could zero in on the one action that would make the most impact on your health?

Health choices made easy, thanks to a new model that relies on data from your FitBit.

Pathogen detected screen visualization

Smartphone, M.D.

A new app developed by UC Santa Barbara researchers enables a smartphone to ID bacteria in just one hour.

Nobel Prize with James Allison photo next to it

UC Berkeley research leads to Nobel Prize-winning immunotherapy

James Allison shares the 2018 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for discoveries he made at UC Berkeley that revolutionized the treatment of cancer.

Innovative ideation challenge aims to catalyze new direction in breast cancer research

The California Breast Cancer Research Program wants your bold breast cancer prevention research ideas.

Pears and apples with measuring tape wrapped around them

Among body shapes, pears are healthier than apples

Obesity's effects may be different for men and women.

UCSF exposome conference

More than skin deep: How environment, diet and social experiences affect health

UC scientists dive into the ambient factors contributing to health crises like obesity and Type 2 diabetes.