A woman sits in a chair to receive treatment in a UCSF office

Hope for treatment-resistant depression: Brain stimulation on demand

Physicians have successfully provided immediate, long-term relief to a patient with severe depression through the equivalent of a pacemaker for the brain.

David Julius with mustache smiling in a UC Berkeley lab, 1983

New Nobelist David Julius was a standout from the start

UC Berkeley colleagues and mentors — including 2013 Nobelist Randy Schekman — share fond memories of a talented and kind young mind.

David Julius in his office at the UCSF Mission Bay campus.

David Julius wins Nobel Prize for work on pain sensation

From spider venom to chili peppers, Julius explores all avenues to understand the neuroscience of pain. He shares the award jointly with UCLA alum Ardem Patapoutian.

Virus illustration on a plant

How a plant virus could help stop cancers from reaching the lungs

A virus that grows in black-eyed pea plants could form the basis for a new therapy to treat metastatic cancers and established tumors.

Nurses in a hospital hallway, walking away

California faces short-term nursing shortage from COVID-19 retirements

Many older registered nurses have left the field and a large number plan on retiring or quitting within the next two years. 

A child wearing a backpack and a mask

Why is it taking so long to approve a COVID-19 vaccine for kids?

UC Riverside vaccine expert David Lo explains the reasons behind the wait.

Bioartificial kidney

The Kidney Project successfully tests a prototype bioartificial kidney

Taking another big step toward becoming reality, Shuvo Roy's project is awarded KidneyX’s Artificial Kidney Prize.

gif of soda pop bottles

Sucrose and high fructose corn syrup both linked to increased health risk

Sucrose, a more 'natural' form of sugar, may be just as bad for your health.

Gomez Gil in hospital with UC San Diego Health team

Second breath: Region’s first double lung transplant for COVID-19 patient

Facing a ventilator-bound future, Federico Gomez Gil can finally breathe freely again, thanks to the help of a UC San Diego Health team.

A person inside a purple silhouette of a head with a design in the background

Can this controversial new drug curb Alzheimer’s disease?

It’s complicated, but for some patients, there’s reason to be optimistic about aducanumab, the treatment that made waves upon receiving FDA approval this summer.