Elderly man holding on to a woman's arm

Scientists discover potential cause of Alzheimer’s disease

Existing drugs may offer effective prevention.

Abel Torres Espin, right, and Adam Ferguson examine patient outcome data, visualized using machine learning on a computer

The link between blood pressure and spinal cord injuries

Patients with spinal cord injuries — even devastating ones — have a better chance of regaining some mobility if their blood pressure is maintained within newly defined range during surgery.

Smiling mother holds up her baby

Flame retardants linked to autistic-like behavior

A new study is the first to show autistic-relevant behavior and brain changes in female offspring from maternal transfer of environmental pollutants. 

Two scientists in a lab looking at a light cycler qPCR machine

Researchers develop CRISPR-based rapid diagnostic tool for SARS-CoV-2

SENSR, the latest UC San Diego innovation addressing COVID-19, adds to the toolkit of quick-turnaround diagnostics needed for future pandemics.

Girl playing a video game

Adolescents’ recreational screen time doubled during pandemic

As screen time increased, so did adolescents’ worry and stress, while their coping abilities declined.

Gov. Gavin Newsom speaking at UC Merced on Oct. 25, 2021

Governor announces state funding for UC Merced’s medical education building

The new building will support a B.S.-to-M.D. joint degree program with UCSF Fresno starting in 2023

Image of the olfactory bulb

3 teens with COVID developed sudden severe psychiatric symptoms. Why?

An unruly immune system may trigger “turncoat” antibodies.

Young Black woman with eyes closed with purple, sparking cloud signifying brain activity visualization

How sexism hinders brain research

Neuroscientist Emily Jacobs will discuss the understudied topic of women’s brain health.

A woman looks at a computer screen

Innovative joint program in computational precision health at UC Berkeley and UCSF aims to improve quality and equity of health care

The launch marks a significant step toward advancing this new field and, ultimately, improving the quality and equity of health care.

A woman and a man in a lab

UC Irvine-led study finds medicinal plant extract to prevent morphine addiction

Findings point to herbal treatment to potentially help curb the opioid epidemic.