Ecuador roses UC San Diego

Why you shouldn't get mom roses this year

In a cruel twist, pesticide-infused Mother’s Day bouquets exported from Ecuador are shown to harm children.

DNA differences UCSF

First clear-cut risk genes for Tourette syndrome revealed

Results point to a 'bright future' for understanding the disorder.

alcohol abuse UCSF

The hormone oxytocin is being tested for treatment of PTSD and alcohol abuse

Military personnel, who suffer these afflictions at a greater rate, may finally get some relief.

UC Irvine Sumner Norman

Robots help stroke victims rehab

Patients regain motor control through technology developed by an engineering grad student.

UC Berkeley deep sleep aging

Deep sleep may act as a fountain of youth

The real thing (not pill-induced sedation) can ward off mental and physical ailments.

UC San Diego mice study prozac depression

Better than Prozac?

A mouse study identifies a new method for treating depression.

UCSF Stephen Hauser

New multiple sclerosis drug that could halt disease meets FDA approval

Dr. Stephen Hauser achieves decades-long dream of turning science into therapy.

dog pavlov

Scientists identify brain cells involved in Pavlovian response

UCLA research could help improve understanding of Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Tourette’s.

Alzheimer's disease

UC scientists develop test to measure age-related Alzheimer's disease risk

First-of-its-kind score could promote earlier diagnosis and treatment.

UCLA neuron activity

Your brain is 10 times more active than previously thought

Newly discovered brain activity could change scientists' understanding of how learning works.