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Deep brain stimulation tested as treatment for cognitive changes in Parkinson's

Parkinson’s disease profoundly affects learning and memory as it progresses, and there currently are no good treatments for these aspects of the disease.

Extended space travel may warp astronauts' brains

Worrisome news for potential missions to Mars: Long-term galactic cosmic ray exposure can cause permanent dementia-like cognitive impairments.

Cal-BRAIN selects 16 California research projects for seed grants

Projects will speed development of new brain technologies, or ‘neurotechnologies.’
David Higgins

Turning back the clock on Parkinson’s

The Movement Disorder Center at UC San Diego is investigating ways of earlier diagnosis of Parkinson's and other progressive diseases.
PET scan

Retired NFL players who suffered concussions show pattern of protein deposits

New test may lead to better identification of brain disorders linked to contact sports.
human brain

The brain game

A team of researchers provides new insight into what occurs in the brain during the learning process.
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Understanding how neurons shape memories of smells

Discovery has implications for understanding epilepsy, the cause of which also stems from the olfactory cortex.

Human neural stem cells alleviate 'chemo brain'

Study reveals how they restore cognitive functions impaired by chemotherapy.

Brain’s iconic seat of speech goes silent when we actually talk

The brain's speech area, named after 19th century French physician Pierre Paul Broca, shuts down when we talk out loud, according to a new study that challenges the long-held belief that 'Broca's area' governs all aspects of speech production.
Roger Bales

UC awards $23 million to multicampus research collaborations

Grants will go to a diverse array of projects, from developing an implantable device that could correct memory impairment to an effort to help California better manage its water resources.