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$177M gift will found Global Brain Health Institute to fight dementia

Atlantic Philanthropies funds UCSF and Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, to stem the precipitous rise in dementia by training and connecting a new generation of leaders worldwide.

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Making a splash: first look at concussions in water polo

UC Irvine physiologist James Hicks, whose three sons played water polo, is leading the first probe of concussions in water polo.

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The Grand Challenge of combating depression

Genetic study of 100,000 people will be the largest ever on a single disorder.

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Discovery could lead to better recovery after stroke

Previously unidentified molecule signals brain tissue to form new connections.

Bennet Omalu, UC Davis

The diagnosis that rocked football

UC Davis pathologist Bennet Omalu was the first to report cases of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in professional football players; the story of his discovery is the subject of the upcoming movie 'Concussion' starring Will Smith.

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Researchers find neural switch that turns dreams on and off

Neurons appear to play key role in REM sleep, the dream state in mammals accompanied by activation of the cortex and total paralysis of the skeletal muscles.

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UC tackles concussions

From expanding awareness in youth sports to conducting groundbreaking studies of collegiate athletes and military personnel, UC experts lead in advancing knowledge about traumatic brain injury and improving care.

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Six things parents and athletes need to know about concussions

Which sports have a higher risk of concussion? What should you do if a concussion is suspected? What steps should you follow before returning to play?

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‘Window to the brain’ research ramps up

Partnership with three Mexican universities receives nearly $5 million to further study method that could make it easier to treat brain conditions.

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High-fructose diet hampers recovery from traumatic brain injury

A sweet may sound like a treat, but a steady diet of them also may impair recovery from mental deficits after head trauma.