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‘Window to the brain’ research ramps up

Partnership with three Mexican universities receives nearly $5 million to further study method that could make it easier to treat brain conditions.

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High-fructose diet hampers recovery from traumatic brain injury

A sweet may sound like a treat, but a steady diet of them also may impair recovery from mental deficits after head trauma.

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Mission impossible?

Humans just aren't cut out for tedious jobs like monitoring a computer screen — even if the consequences of failure are dire.

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New research institute will explore brain’s extraordinary changeability

Initiative is part of $100M commitment to neuroscience by the Kavli Foundation.

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Uncovering the secrets of the adolescent brain

Big data study will explore the developing minds and brains of 10,000 children.

brain-computer interface enables paralyzed man to walk

Paralyzed man walks with help of brain-computer interface

Mind-controlled technology bypasses spine and creates gateway to a host of medical possibilities.

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Completely paralyzed man voluntarily moves his legs

Robotic step training and noninvasive spinal stimulation enable patient to take thousands of steps.

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First evidence of how obstructive sleep apnea damages the brain

The disorder contributes to a breakdown of the blood–brain barrier, which protects brain tissue.

Non-surgical approach helps people with paralysis move their legs

UCLA study's results are believed to be the first time voluntary leg movements have ever been relearned without surgery.

Autism's costs estimated to be $500 billion, potentially $1 trillion, by 2025

UC Davis health economists have for the first time projected costs of caring for all people with the disorder.