Online education

Child taking classes on the computer

Learning resources for parents, students and educators as school gets back in session

Standards-based lessons that will remain useful long after life and learning have returned to normal.

Overhead shot of young student learning on a tablet

Race and class can color teachers’ digital expectations for their students — with white students getting more encouragement

While providing access to technology is important, it won’t even the digital playing field. Embracing all students’ digital interests as opportunities for learning can help.

Cardullo performing an experiment on himself

Professor’s own body becomes physiology lab during pandemic

Adapting to remote learning, professor Rich Cardullo is performing all the experiments for his course on himself.

Photographer facing camera with a camera

Is now the time to be your own boss?

Seven alumni on finding purpose and what to know before you become your own boss.

Young woman doing a virtual interview

Ready, aim, get hired: Job tips for uncertain times

Tune out negative self-talk and follow these three tips from UC Santa Barbara alum and career expert Dana Manciagli.

Young woman studies at computer

UC's online high school opens its doors to students stuck at home

For college prep course provider UC Scout, remote instruction is just business as usual — which is what makes it such a valuable tool in this crisis.

Young black woman laughing while looking at computer screen

Put your best (digital) foot forward!

How to practice professionalism in a socially distanced world.

Bowl of 'open access' buttons

How UC is working to expand open access to its research

UC continues to press for free access to publicly-funded research despite stalled talks with Elsevier.

Gidget the sea otter

Sea otters' low genetic diversity could spell trouble

The furry little creature isn't endangered, but a history of population declines can make extinction more of a risk.

UC Berkeley university library

Post-Elsevier breakup, new publishing agreement ‘a win for everyone’

The University of California has entered into an open access agreement with Cambridge University Press.