Tarantula on a plant

Turning tarantula venom into pain relief

Could modified venom from the Peruvian green velvet tarantula help end the opiod epidemic?

Woman in a lab coat, hangs her head down.

The parent trap

Antagonism toward motherhood dissuades women from pursuing academic science careers.

Astronaut on a spacewalk

Space travel weakens our immune systems — now scientists may know why

As private citizens express interest in going to space, a late UCSF astronaut may have figured out an important riddle.

Young man listening to music with headphones on.

That song stuck in your head helps you to remember

‘Earworms’ are more than a passing nuisance. They help us preserve memory – for music and for life.

Glasses of water next to each other

A new way to remove salts and toxic metals from water

Desalination can help meet growing water needs globally, but current techniques are limited. A new approach holds promise.

Red tomato hanging from a plant

Genes that keep plants green: A discovery that can help us grow crops in a drought

Scientists have discovered genetic data that will help food crops like tomatoes and rice survive longer, more intense periods of drought on our warming planet.

Close-up cicada photo

Cicada explosion mystifies insect experts

The 17-year life cycle of this noisy insect is unique in the world.

Research vessel Sally Ride in the water

Seafloor survey finds thousands of barrels at DDT dumpsite off Los Angeles coast

The survey identified more than 27,000 targets with high confidence to be classified as a barrel, and an excess of 100,000 total debris objects on the seafloor.

Cat sitting at keyboard

Why your cat does these 6 things (according to science)

Some context for your cat’s actions (without lifting their veil of mystery).

T. Rexes together, millions of years ago, illustration

How many T. rexes were there? Billions.

Paging your inner child: Paleontologists conclude 20,000 T. rexes roamed North America at any given time.