UC Merced statue

Newly funded COVID-19 research aims to protect the most vulnerable

Researchers across UC rapidly pivot from their usual research areas to address gaps in knowledge and care with COVID-19.

Ilhem Messaoudi Powers at work

Couple on the coronavirus front lines

A virologist and her pulmonologist husband balance their pandemic response with parenthood.

South Korean station

Can we apply these lessons from South Korea to vanquish COVID-19?

South Korea’s targeted social distancing may better protect the vulnerable than stay-at-home orders.

Carol Greider

Nobel Prize-winner Carol Greider to join UC Santa Cruz faculty

Known for her pioneering work on telomeres, Greider brings exceptional research and leadership skills to campus.

Large hornet

Murder hornets invade headlines, not the US

While they do sound scary, there's no reason to be afraid, says entomologist Doug Yanega.

Green glowing jellyfish

How glow-in-the-dark jellyfish inspired a scientific revolution

What makes a jellyfish glow? For scientists, asking that simple question led to a powerful new tool that’s completely transformed medicine — and won the Nobel!

Yvonne Hao with the hand sanitizer she helped produce

‘Liquid gold’: UC Berkeley lab makes free hand sanitizer for the needy

A biochemistry lab pivots to hand sanitizers for people experiencing homelessness, jail populations and others among society's most vulnerable.

Aileen Anderson at her desk

Campus labs produce sample-preserving fluid for COVID-19 test kits

A ‘mini-task force’ responds to the urgent needs at the UC Irvine medical center.

A large group of people not observing social distancing

How important is speech in transmitting coronavirus?

Asymptomatic individuals could transmit infection via normal speech, underscoring the need for social distancing.

An older woman walks two dogs outside

A healthy circadian rhythm may keep you sane and increase resilience to fight COVID-19

Beyond sanitizing and social distancing, your circadian rhythm is another powerful protective resource.