Social science

UC Berkeley studying

A natural way of making your brain more efficient

New UC Riverside study finds that increasing your attention comes from using newly acquired knowledge.

Yang Yang UCLA

UC faculty rank first among Highly Cited Researchers

Over 160 UC faculty named to the Thomson Reuters list of most influential researchers.

13 UC Davis discoveries that changed the world

Research helps ag, environment and health.

UCLA cyberbullying study

Online bullying: Why don't people intervene?

People on social media are often unsupportive of cyberbullying victims who share highly personal feelings, UCLA psychologists report.

When poverty becomes disease

Poor health: when poverty becomes disease

UCSF doctors and researchers address the impact of poverty on health in research and practice.

Statue of Liberty

UCLA prof helps capture immigrants' accounts of their first days in America

First Days Project website enables newcomers to share heartfelt recollections of arriving in the United States.

wedding rings

Saying 'I do'

Demographer chronicles how marriage has morphed into a means of supporting intensive investments in children.

green eyes of envy

Who’s the ‘enviest’ of them all?

Research suggests young adults are more envious than their elders – and about more things.

four name tags

‘Black’-sounding name conjures a larger, more dangerous person

People envision an unknown ‘black’-named character in similar ways to an unknown ‘white’-named male convicted of assault.

LAPD officers

Predictive policing test substantially reduces crime

Results of months-long project in Los Angeles suggest method could succeed in cities worldwide.