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The stranger within: Connecting with our future selves

Social psychologist studies the emotional disconnect between who we are now, and who we will be years from now.

The compassion effect: How social activism is changing everything

Doing well by doing good is increasingly the go-to strategy for everything from marketing to entertainment — driven by millennials, the world’s first digital generation.

Blum poverty initiative launches in fall 2015

Gift to UC Riverside from former chair of UC Regents will support effort aimed at solving poverty-related issues in the Inland Empire region.

Is it lonelier at the bottom or at the top?

Psychologist links human quest for power, influence and a foothold in the social hierarchy to mental health.
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Research you've got to talk about

Academic studies from the University of California were among the most talked about research in online and popular media.

Human faces are so variable because we evolved to look unique

The amazing variety of human faces – far greater than that of most other animals – is the result of evolutionary pressure to make each of us easily recognizable.

Kids’ health suffers when parents go to jail

Study finds incarceration more detrimental than divorce or death of mother, father.
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In our digital world, are young people losing the ability to read emotions?

Children’s social skills may be declining as they spend less time in face-to-face interaction due to their increased use of phones and other digital media.

After single moms get laid off, their kids may suffer for years

Study finds children are less likely to graduate from high school and college, more likely to experience depression
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Want a tot to "help" or "be a helper"?

Adults' word choice makes a big difference in getting young children to lend a hand.