Social science

family dinner

The shifting concept of 'home'

New book examines how conventional nuclear-family-in-suburbia model has evolved into unique ‘lifespaces’ in 21st century America.

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A teaching moment in the Ashley Madison hack

Why did people make their personal information so easily available to a company that facilitates cheating?

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Declawing the ‘tiger mom’

Sociologists debunk idea that Asian American academic achievement is due to unique cultural traits or values.
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Why are some children more giving than others?

A new study finds the answer may lie with family income.
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A visionary, a genius, and the human genome

In 2000, two dogged researchers defied the odds to become the first in the world to assemble the DNA sequence of the human genome.
Women in computing photo illustration (iStock)

Breaking the 'bro' barrier

Tech companies are funding research to find strategies to recruit and retain women and minorities in computer science majors.
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Teens without smartphones encounter a new digital divide

Low-income teens are unable to participate in the social media conversations of their wealthier peers — pointing to deeper forms of digital inequity.
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The stranger within: Connecting with our future selves

Social psychologist studies the emotional disconnect between who we are now, and who we will be years from now.

The compassion effect: How social activism is changing everything

Doing well by doing good is increasingly the go-to strategy for everything from marketing to entertainment — driven by millennials, the world’s first digital generation.

Blum poverty initiative launches in fall 2015

Gift to UC Riverside from former chair of UC Regents will support effort aimed at solving poverty-related issues in the Inland Empire region.