Social science

Kids’ health suffers when parents go to jail

Study finds incarceration more detrimental than divorce or death of mother, father.
girls with cell phones

In our digital world, are young people losing the ability to read emotions?

Children’s social skills may be declining as they spend less time in face-to-face interaction due to their increased use of phones and other digital media.

After single moms get laid off, their kids may suffer for years

Study finds children are less likely to graduate from high school and college, more likely to experience depression
girl washing dishes

Want a tot to "help" or "be a helper"?

Adults' word choice makes a big difference in getting young children to lend a hand.

Software accurately predicts student test performance

Study shows automatic recognition of facial expressions can track student engagement in real time.

Bullying happens to popular teens, too

You'd think that the popular kids don't get picked on, but as a teenager's social status rises, they're more apt to be bullied. Increased social combat may be to blame.
girl with fingers crossed behind her back

Lied-to children more likely to cheat and lie

When adults are dishonest with their offspring, the children mirror that behavior.

Yes, selfies are a thing — and we're learning from them

All those self-portraits are opening our eyes to social trends.

You should be ashamed — or maybe not

Sociologist examines the ubiquity of shame and its role in aggression and depression.

Barbie: narrowing girls' career horizons?

Girls who play with Barbie dolls tend to see fewer career options available to them, compared with the options available to boys.