Stem cells

Blood cells floating in a vessel

A new use for Viagra

The famed pill could help mobilize blood-forming stem cells for bone marrow transplant collection.

A row of content mice

Finding alternatives to animal testing

Researchers are helping the EPA eliminate animal testing by using stem cells.

Vape smoke

Study finds electronic cigarettes damage brain stem cells

UC Riverside research on mouse neural stem cells has implications for nicotine use.

UC Irvine professor in lab

Nanotechnology treatment shows promise against multiple sclerosis

A new therapy using stem cells from bone marrow has reversed MS symptoms in mice, setting the stage for human trials.

Pancreatic beta cells in a lab dish

Functional, insulin-producing cells grown in lab

A stem cell breakthrough opens the door to Type 1 diabetes care.

UC San Diego printed implants

3-D printed implants show promise for treating spinal cord injury

The soft, implantable “bridges” guide new nerve cells to grow where the spinal cord has been severed.

Sunil Gandhi and Mathew Blurton-Jones headshots

Deciphering dementia’s gender gap

UC Irvine researchers win grant to explore why Alzheimer’s affects more women.

Before and after pictures of Hussein

Family travels 7,500 miles to save son’s life with treatment developed at UCLA

Stem cell gene therapy cures baby with life-threatening immune disorder.

UCSF transplant in utero

Baby born in world’s first in utero stem cell transplant trial

The fetal treatment may one day cure disorders months before birth.

Bulldog surgery

Puppies benefit from stem cell treatment for children with spina bifida

A UC Davis-developed therapy that shows great promise helps two pups in need.