Stem cells

UC Santa Barbara brain power

A switch for brain growth found

UC Santa Barbara and UCSF scientists find a gene responsible for our unique cerebral cortex.

Bone structure Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

UC scientists identify gene involved with fracture healing

UC Davis, UC Merced and Lawrence Livermore Lab join forces on work that could lead to new therapies.

Stem cell grants awarded to pursue 'great ideas'

UC researchers from four campuses receive 11 grants totaling $2.5M.

A human astrocyte grown in tissue culture. The blue stain indicates DNA inside the astrocyte’s nucleus and in other nearby cells.

Stem cell grants to help fight rare diseases affecting children

UC researchers from four campuses receive five grants totaling more than $21 million in funding.

UC San Diego stem cell research

Stem cells regenerate human lens after cataract surgery, restoring vision

Approach pioneered by UC San Diego may have broad therapeutic implications on tissue and organ repair.

UC San Diego 3-D liver printing

UC San Diego lab 3-D prints functioning liver tissue

New model derived from stem cells could make drug development faster and more cost-effective.

UC Davis cat stem cells

Cat stem cell therapy gives humans hope

A UC Davis team treats feline disease with a first-of-its-kind stem cell therapy for mammals.

UCLA researchers make progress toward healing scarred hearts

Findings suggest stem cells may one day be used to regenerate damaged tissue after heart attack.

Zev Gartner

Building human breast tissue, cell by cell

Zev Gartner's innovative work in 3-D tissue generation has earned him a spot on Popular Science's 'Brilliant 10' list of 2015.

heart cells

Stem cells could help mend a broken heart, but they've got to mature

UC Grad Slam winner's stem cell work aims to conquer heart disease.