Stem cells

UCSF baldness treatment

A new baldness treatment?

Those facing hair loss may want to become familiar with 'Tregs.'

chest X-ray

Surprising new role for lungs: Making blood

UCSF scientists discover our breathing organ is a veritable factory of blood and immune stem cells.

human T cells artificial

UCLA develops artificial thymus that produces cancer-fighting cells

This could be an important step for treating many different types of cancer.

UC San Diego anorexia

UC San Diego scientists find potential genetic basis for anorexia

Cellular model composed of stem cells from teens with eating disorders reveals a novel gene.

Infection of developing human brain with the Zika virus (green) highlights susceptibility of radial glial cells during fetal development.

Zika in fetal brain tissue responds to a popular antibiotic

UCSF researchers identify crucial cells targeted by the virus.

Exterior view of the 10-story Jacobs Medical Center at UC San Diego Health.

UC San Diego opens Jacobs Medical Center

World-class facility offers patients leading-edge cancer, stem cell and surgical therapies.

sickle cell

Gene editing marks key step toward sickle cell cure

Repairing the sickle cell mutation in stem cells holds promise for new treatment.

Researchers induce human pluripotent stem cells to differentiate into functional bone-building cells by feeding them adenosine, a naturally occurring molecule in the body.

Researchers use a single molecule to command stem cells to build new bone

The work could lead to treatments for patients with critical defects and injuries.

UC Irvine diabetes

Needles not needed

A professor pursues an approach to diabetes that would make daily injections obsolete.

UC Davis stem cells

Beware of unapproved stem cell procedures

UC Davis study looks at businesses selling "stem cell" interventions for variety of injuries and diseases.