Stem cells

Hopeful outlook for some human stem cell therapies

Induced pluripotent stem cells can be differentiated into various types of functional cells — including retinal pigment epithelium cells destined for the eye, which are less likely to be rejected by the immune system. 

Jerome Zack and Scott Kitchen

Stem cell gene therapy holds promise for eliminating HIV infection

Method modifies immune cells to attack the virus and could be used to treat other diseases.
human spine and pelvis

Bone-building protein stimulates bone stem cells

Study results could mean good news for people with osteoporosis or those with traumatic bone injuries.
adults lifting weights

Drug perks up old muscles and aging brains

Drug perks up old stem cells in both brains and muscles of mice, pointing the way to drug interventions for humans that would make aging tissues throughout the body act young again.
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FDA greenlights clinical trial of treatment for blinding disease

Novel retinitis pigmentosa therapy has been created by stem cell researchers.
Ashley Fong, UC Grad Slam winner

UC Grad Slam winners score a home run for making research accessible

At systemwide research communications contest, graduate students captivate audiences while sticking to the mantra: Keep it simple.

UC awarded stem cell grants

UC researchers received three grants totaling more than $12 million in funding from the state’s stem cell agency to develop stem cell treatments for Huntington’s disease, spina bifida and chronic diabetic wounds.

Making neurons from stem cells

Eyes are on Pnky, a noncoding RNA found in brain stem cells — it may have a broad range of clinical applications.

Stem cell researchers develop promising method to treat sickle cell disease

Gene therapy technique leads to production of healthy blood cells — could be used for other genetic diseases.

Human neural stem cells alleviate 'chemo brain'

Study reveals how they restore cognitive functions impaired by chemotherapy.