photograph of Bren School of Environmental Science and Management

UC wins green building Super Hero Award

The University of California has a hidden super power: It makes buildings turn green.
researcher holding prototypes

'Electronic nose' will sniff out food hazards

Deal signed to develop products, testing platform for nano-sensor designed to help detect deadly pathogens in food supply chain.

UC grad students driving force behind research

UC trains 26,000 doctoral students and 6,400 postdoctoral fellows whose work addresses issues like renewable energy, poverty, conservation and global health.

Sperm take 'twisting ribbon' path

Knowledge of the complex swimming patterns of human and animal sperm will improve could understanding of fertilization processes, with potential clinical applications.

Engineer invents bionic eye

Two decades of visionary research results in the first bionic eye for the blind.

Robotics competition goes where no slug has gone before

'Slug Trek' design teams put their robots on public display.
James Nowick

Online chemistry lectures find worldwide audience

"Open Chemistry" opens the virtual lecture hall to anyone -- for free.

Mobile app targets elder abuse

'Cheat sheet' helps law enforcement with this growing problem.

Have iPad, will travel

UC Irvine medical students are showing the world how technology can improve health care.

Heart transplant program reaches major milestone

UCLA's program, founded in 1984, is the first in the western U.S. and only the second in the world to reach 2,000 transplants.