Technology & engineering

Twitter map, Health Social Analytics

Twitter tracking, from flu to Lady Gaga

Professor creates websites that track sentiment and volume of tweets and new stories of everything from health disorders to celebrities to real estate.

Football helmet science project scores two White House visits

Self-professed football fanatic is studying the science of making the sport safer.

Curiosity finds earthly similarities on Mars mission

UC scientists and engineers have been vital to the success of landing rover and conducting experiments on the Red Planet.

Wireless camera network offers new possibilities for security systems

Prototype solar-powered device has potential applications for security cameras and wildlife monitoring in remote areas.
girl at water pump

UC inventions on display at Tech Commercialization Forum

Research discoveries make the leap to commercial products — and fuel the state's economy.
Shaochen Chen

Liver-like device, via 3-D printer

External device, like dialysis, emulates the liver's ability to remove toxins from the bloostream.
fueling up Honda CR-V

A new miles per gallon rating system

Graduate student works with Motor Trend magazine to create fuel economy ratings for vehicles based on real-world driving, not lab tests.
driverless car

Who's at fault when a driverless car gets in an accident?

Engineer: We already have the laws we need for dealing with this inevitable situation.
San Francisco skyline

Tackling urban problems with Big Data

From the classroom to the city, a UC Berkeley planning professor/entrepreneur is using Big Data to make a difference in urban life.

Mantis shrimp stronger than airplanes

Inspired by tiny crustacean, researchers design composite material stronger than standard used in airplane frames.