Technology & engineering

Lourdes Morales

Grad student unites personal passion, programming skills to help others

Undaunted by her own impaired vision, Lourdes Morales is developing computer software to help blind people format documents.
ELFIN satellite radio test

UCLA undergrads are first to build an entire satellite on campus

Dozens of students from majors across campus have spent thousands of hours on building a loaf-of-bread-sized satellite that will measure space weather.

Learn to code while playing Minecraft

A team of computer scientists has developed a software package that allows users to learn how to program while playing the popular video game.
Android-based smartphone

Can you trust that app?

That smartphone download might give a hacker access to your data. In response, computer scientists are set to receive $1 million to study smartphone security issues.
woman at computer

Expanding access to specialty care

Electronic consultation program between primary care physicians and specialists aims to reduce unnecessary in-person appointments, improve patient outcomes and lower costs.
man using laptop

Vision-correcting display makes reading glasses so yesterday

Researchers are developing screen displays that can compensate for a viewer's visual impairments to create sharp images without the need for corrective lenses.
Ashok Gadgil and Mary Robinson

Inventor's projects serve the neediest

Berkeley Lab's Ashok Gadgil puts engineering to work for humanity.
girls with cell phones

Getting more life out of lithium-ion batteries

Model predicts how carbon components — key factor in battery performance in cell phones and the like — will perform as electrodes.

Tiny laser sensor heightens bomb detection sensitivity

New technology under development at UC Berkeley could soon give bomb-sniffing dogs some serious competition.

Catching grease to cut grill pollution

Students design tray that when placed under grill grates cuts harmful emissions from one pollutant by 70 percent.