Technology & engineering

Sneha Jayaprakash

Coding for a cause

Student entrepreneur wins $10,000 Microsoft award to develop app for social change.
computer hacking

Companies join forces to stop hackers

Anti-malware company co-founded by UC Riverside alumnus is bought by company valued at $1 billion.

Berkeley’s Wikipedian-in-residence is a first

Scores of Cal undergrads are working to research and write articles for Wikipedia. Their coach is the first Wikipedian-in-residence at a U.S. college or university.

Mathematicians bring snow to life for Disney's 'Frozen'

UCLA researchers help create what are arguably the most realistic, animated snow scenes in any film.

Berkeley team takes its energy innovation to Capitol Hill

The latest in energy efficiency: a backpack-mounted system for quickly mapping energy use throughout a building and identifying ways to reduce it.
Researcher tests Google Glass

Google Glass app performs instant diagnostic tests

Users of the wearable computers can take pictures of medical samples, upload them immediately to a server and receive accurate analyses in as little as eight seconds.
holographic device

Holograms boost electronic performance

Researchers demonstrate a holographic memory device that could improve storage capacity and processing capabilities in electronics.

Calit2 director honored with Golden Goose Award

Larry Smarr's work on black holes led to championing a U.S. supercomputing revolution and Web browsers.
computer hacking

Hackers: Catch them if you can

Unhampered by borders and laws, cybercriminals present new security threats.
Sunveer Bajwa, Nadia Duenas and Westley Blacklock

Students learn engineering through coffee

From green bean to your cup of joe, the process of making coffee is all engineering.