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UC to dramatically boost California student enrollment

Regents approve budget plan to enroll an additional 10,000 California undergraduates over the next three years, including 5,000 freshman and transfer students in 2016-17.

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Half of new UC students are first-generation college students

New data in UC's annual Accountability Report show the university’s widespread impact as an engine of social mobility, innovation.

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Napolitano addresses myths about UC

UC president asks Riverside business leadership to support state budget augmentation for higher education.
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Brown, Napolitano report on budget discussions

Governor, UC president describe talks as 'positive, productive' at UC Regents meeting.
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Regents approve long-term stability plan for tuition and financial aid

Plan is intended to help end annual 'feast or famine' budget cycle in which tuition rises and falls in relation to state funding.
UC Berkeley |

Berkeley chancellor on UC’s new tuition proposal

Plan is 'a necessary step in the right direction if the University of California is to maintain its excellence and mission.'
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New assistance for middle class families

Thousands of eligible students with family incomes up to $150,000 will benefit from state-funded program.
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UC sponsors bill to close financial aid gap for undocumented students

Legislation would create an educational loan program for students who meet eligibility requirements under California state law AB 540.

Cost concerns play bigger role in college choice

Survey of freshmen reveals they are weighing costs, financial aid more heavily in selecting a college or university.