In the News

  • Students try to engineer plastic-eating bugs

    Sacramento Bee

    Young researchers have spent the summer at UC Davis' Genome Center working on what they hope will one day be the answer to cleaning up the world's landfills.
  • Ask a scientist

    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

    Got questions about droughts, heat waves, extreme weather, and climate change? Ask a Berkeley Lab scientist!
  • UCSF chancellor to appoint board of directors


    UCSF will form a dedicated advisory board to help ensure that the university continues to excel as a health sciences innovator and deliver on its critically important public mission.
  • It came from Riverside


    UCTV Prime takes a look at UC Riverside's Eaton Collection, the world’s largest, publicly-accessible collection of science fiction, fantasy, horror and utopian fiction.
  • New bill says medical school should get $15 million

    The Press-Enterprise

    Legislation would put UC Riverside’s medical school at the top of the list for any money from settlement of a federal lawsuit.