In the News

  • Scripps sends students out to sea

    Scripps Institution of Oceanography

    The San Diego Coastal Expedition, a two-part student-led research cruise, will sail off the San Diego coast this summer. Learn what they hope to discover about the health of the Pacific.
  • Berkeley, Cal launch startup cluster


    The 10,000-square foot office space houses 14 startup teams of current or recently graduated Cal students. Projects span from iPhone apps to medical devices to innovative new computer software.
  • Project tracks tiny germ that's killing mighty oaks

    San Francisco Chronicle

    UC Berkeley mapping programs lead to comprehensive map of spread of pathogen linked to sudden oak death.
  • UCSF links key dementia protein, brain traumas

    San Francisco Chronicle

    Prions, long studied by UCSF professor and Nobel laureate Stanley Prusiner, build up in the brain to cause Alzheimer's and other dementias. Now they're linked to post-traumatic stress disorder in combat veterans and in the brain damage of athletes who have suffered repeated concussions.
  • Zero net energy, zero landfill waste, climate neutrality

    UC Merced sets its sights on meeting 'triple zero' green goals by 2020.