In the News

  • It came from Riverside


    UCTV Prime takes a look at UC Riverside's Eaton Collection, the world’s largest, publicly-accessible collection of science fiction, fantasy, horror and utopian fiction.
  • New bill says medical school should get $15 million

    The Press-Enterprise

    Legislation would put UC Riverside’s medical school at the top of the list for any money from settlement of a federal lawsuit.
  • Should you be afraid of spiders??

    UC Riverside spider expert reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly about the eight-legged arachnids — and tells us how to deal with truly scary spiders.
  • Pet dog might reduce asthma risk

    California Watch

    New research from UCSF and the University of Michigan indicates that dust from houses where dogs are present may provide protection from a virus associated with a higher risk of developing childhood asthma.
  • Schedule your own Golden Gate Bridge flash

    UC Berkeley

    Through the website, anyone can now schedule Solar Beacon — heliostats mounted on the Golden Gate Bridge by UC Berkeley space scientists — to flash sunlight in their eyes, like the glint of the sun off a car’s mirror.