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  • Meet Wikipedia's resident paleoartist

    This Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientist moonlights as one of Wikipedia's most prolific illustrators.

  • It's not you. Bad doors are everywhere.

    Wondering why you never seem to open that door right? A UC San Diego professor finally explains.

  • 'Bending the curve' on climate change

    Renowned atmospheric scientist V. Ramanathan of UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography explains how the state of California and the UC system together can lead the charge through the Carbon Neutrality Initiative and ‘bend the curve’ in global warming.

  • A 'parking lot pitch' to the Pope

    Last year, UC San Diego’s V. ‘Ram’ Ramanathan had an audience with Pope Francis in the parking lot of the Vatican. Ramanathan, who serves on the prestigious Pontifical Academy of Sciences panel, delivered what he calls a ‘parking lot pitch’ to the leader of the Catholic Church. Here, Ramanathan describes this moment and how it may have influenced the Pope’s subsequent position on the matter. 

  • Guggenheim fellowships go to 15 UC researchers, artists

    UC Newsroom

    Fifteen researchers and artists across the University of California are recipients of the 2014 Guggenheim Fellowships, announced today (April 10). They are among 178 honorees from the United States and Canada.

    This year's fellows bring the university's total to 1,518 — more than any other college or university. They include (by campus):

  • A mission of nutrition, a wardrobe of fruits and veggies

    UC Berkeley

    She may be an introvert, but Lindy West is determined to do what it takes — including venturing out in public dressed as a snap pea — to help employees eat healthier diets.
  • Fatima Elkabti and Jorge Cuadros

    Saving diabetics from blindness in post-conflict Libya

    UC Berkeley

    A graduate student in optometry, one of her professors and an alumnus have joined forces to build a long-distance diagnostic project that has the potential to save sight for many.


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