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  • Student next to questions graphic in a screenshot

    How to answer UC's Personal Insight Questions

    About to start the Personal Insight Questions for the UC undergraduate application? Here are some helpful tips on what the questions are about and what they cover.

  • advocacy thumbnail

    Help keep the University of California affordable

    Today's students deserve the same great UC education as previous generations. Let's grow California together.

  • President Obama at UC Irvine commencement

    President Obama at UC Irvine Commencement 2014

    President Barack Obama spoke at UC Irvine's commencement celebration at Angel Stadium.
  • Randy Schekman

    Nobelist Schekman on the value of public higher ed

    Nobel laureate Randy Schekman is a UC Berkeley professor and a UCLA alumnus. From the pinnacle of achievement, Schekman credits public higher education as the foundation of his success. Schekman will participate in UC's Graduate Research Day, calling for more student support.

  • For GoPro founder, UC San Diego was catalyst for creativity

    UC San Diego

    Entrepreneur Nick Woodman: “You wake up one morning and the company you started with your college friends is the fastest growing digital capture company in the world.”
  • UC Berkeley

    Aiming to be a small world after all

    California Magazine

    Berkeley Connect is Cal’s plan to shrink a big, impersonal campus and reintroduce elements of the small liberal arts college experience.
  • fueling up Honda CR-V

    A new miles per gallon rating system

    UC Riverside

    Graduate student works with Motor Trend magazine to create fuel economy ratings for vehicles based on real-world driving, not lab tests.