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How the census overlooks the LGBTQ community

The census is finally counting same-sex couples — but it's missing everyone else.

Study: Snacking on almonds a healthy alternative for breakfast-skipping students

A new study shows that snacking on almonds can improve key metabolic indicators for breakfast-skipping college students.

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A guilt-free flip-flop

Affordable, sustainable footwear is possible — thanks to the power of algae.

A man and a woman conduct a scientific experiment

UCLA scientists explain principles behind the superpowers of Ant-Man and the Wasp

The characters’ extraordinary abilities are pure science fiction. Or are they?

Left-handed child at blackboard

What being left-handed says about culture

The number of left-handed people in a society can help explain its norms, new study finds.

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Can we grow one of the world's largest food crops without fertilizer?

We could be one step closer with the discovery of a new variety of corn.

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Half of the top 10 U.S. colleges are in the same state — and 4 are public schools. Here's why they rule

Why the UC system keeps dominating the rankings when it comes to affordability and quality of education.

UC Irvine medical center patient and provider

UC hospitals recognized as nation, state's best

High praise for the five UC medical centers in a new U.S. News survey.

UC campuses ranked best in the nation for excellent, affordable education

The University of California is a national leader in educational quality, affordability and alumni success, according to new rankings released today (Aug. 13) by MONEY magazine.

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Fake news can’t fool new algorithm

An algorithm that can already detect fake news stories with 75 percent accuracy gets a boost from Snap Research.

Relax, mom. You still matter.

A new study has a reassuring message for parents of college-age children: You’re probably underestimating their loyalty to you.

Smartphones act as digital security blankets in stressful social situations

When people are in awkward social situations, their phones offer comfort and relieve feelings of isolation – without even turning them on.

Cynthia Marshall, as a U C Berkeley cheerleader in the late 1980s

Always a maverick: Alum Cynthia Marshall, NBA’s first African American female CEO

Marshall was the first African American cheerleader at UC Berkeley and the first in her family to graduate from college.

Celebrating the 2018 Oakland Promise Scholars

UC President Janet Napolitano has awarded college scholarships to five UC-bound Oakland students.

Solar probe

Space probe to plunge into fiery corona of the sun

Carrying instruments built by Berkeley scientists, NASA plans to launch Earth’s first spacecraft to venture inside the orbits of Venus and Mercury to touch the very edge of the sun’s fiery corona.

Information overload has been around since the 1800s

There are striking similarities between 19th and 21st century mass media consumption habits and their effects on society.

Moral decision making is rife with internal conflict

New findings challenge the popular notion that we rely on our "guts" and don't think through challenging questions of right and wrong.

Father John in his robes

Faith in an MBA: A priest comes to Berkeley Haas

Fellow students have asked, ‘what’s a priest going to do with an MBA?’” 

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Float away with a good book

There’s nothing better than a good book for that long flight or lazy summer afternoon.

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solar panels

Designing a solar tarp

Engineers are working to create a foldable, packable way to generate power from the sun.