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Financial concerns stress faculty

Budget cuts, personal finances top list of stressors among educators at public institutions.

California Digital Library and partners launch DataUp

Free tool uses Excel add-in to facilitate online data documentation and archiving.

Final UC report on protests and policing released

Report details 49 recommendations for best practices in handling demonstrations, free-speech issues.

UC supports University of Texas in admissions case

Brief highlights challenges of enrolling diverse study body under ban against considering race in decisions.

100K Genome Project takes aim at foodborne diseases

Genome sequencing project ultimately aims to improve safety of our food supply.

UC president's statement on budget

Budget action means no request for tuition increase at regents meeting in July.

Scientists report on California tsunami risks

Decades of research assess likelihood of seismic and tsunami damage at the southern end of the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

Curry spice preserves walking ability following spinal-cord injury

Curcumin, a compound in turmeric shown to have many benefits, also helps animals with spine injuries. "An exciting first step," researchers say.

UC Irvine psychologist's research cited in Supreme Court decision

Court's ruling that states may not impose on juveniles mandatory life sentences without parole was influenced by a brief co-written by Elizabeth Cauffman.

New accelerator focuses on inertial fusion power

Research with NDCX-II will introduce advances in acceleration, compression and focusing of intense ion beams that guide design of major components for heavy-ion fusion energy production.

Study uncovers tools for targeting genes linked to autism

Analyses that incorporate gene expression and the DNA in circulating blood help scientists close in on therapeutic targets.

Drug combo better at preventing HIV transmission

A two- or three-drug combination given to infants of HIV-positive mothers within 48 hours of birth cut infection rates to half of what was achieved with AZT alone.