Feeding right-brain innovation

How the arts and humanities are driving entrepreneurial creativity.

UC San Diego looking glass

Through the looking glass

New business launched by alum helps the visually impaired navigate the world.

UC Santa Cruz diversity

Diversity, inclusivity key to a growing economy

America may be polarized but untapped economic opportunity awaits in inclusion, research finds.

Silicon Valley leaders

Silicon Valley thought leaders buoy ‘I am a UC Entrepreneur’ campaign

The UC startup community gets a seat at the table with top venture capitalists.

UC Merced coffee

The next Silicon Valley?

UC Merced’s Venture Lab nurtures San Joaquin Valley startups to help the entire region grow.

UC San Diego moon beer

Can you brew beer on the moon?

Engineering students are preparing to test the viability of yeast in space in a fun way.

UC Merced

A standout among standouts

UC lauded as the only university among Top 100 Global Innovators.


11 innovative UC researchers elected to National Academy of Inventors

New fellows from seven campuses bring UC's total membership to 51.

UC Merced entrepreneur

Are you a UC entrepreneur?

Join the video campaign that celebrates the diversity and impact of UC startups.

UC Berkeley nuclear power

The future of nuclear energy

New startups are paving the way for a leaner, greener version of the power source.