Woman looking at reviews on her laptop

That online hotel review you wrote? It matters

Ratings act as free advertising for hotels with good reviews, a new study finds.

Waterfall with sunshine

How embracing awe may set you free

Waiting can cause anxiety for almost anyone, but a new study shows how awe can dispel its effects.

tunnel with light at the end

The trip of an after-lifetime

A growing community of researchers are approaching near-death experiences from an academic standpoint.

Protein power and supplement pills

22 percent of young men engage in ‘disordered eating’ to bulk up

Skinny self-image, heavy workouts in adolescence are warning signs of ‘disordered eating’ researchers find.

Mischievous boy holds ice cream and broccoli

How to make your kid like broccoli

Recency bias is the parenting technique you've been missing.

Women meditating outdoors

Want to meditate more effectively? Try algorithms

Digital media often seems to deplete our attention. Scientists have found a way to flip that equation.

Child napping at desk

Midday naps increase children's happiness and IQ

Academic performance went up by as much as 7.6 points, researchers say.

Woman changes out of heels into sneakers

Want to stand out at work? Do these things tonight.

How employees spend their leisure time predicts their feelings and behavior the next day, a new study finds.

Man in bed looking surprised and scared

Lack of sleep shrinks men's testicles?

UC Berkeley scientist Matt Walker shows how missing sleep can really catch up with you in his new TED Talk.

Two psychiatrists walk in Oakland

These psychiatrists bring mental health care to those who need it most

A program at UCSF is training psychiatrists to care for people often overlooked by the mental health care system.