Pitbull staring cutely on a rug

If dogs could talk

How we interact with pit bulls sheds light on the ways we reproduce social inequality, says Katja Guenther.

Illustrated people talking to each other

How to have better conversations with friends, family — or anyone

Hate small talk? Find yourself having the same arguments? Some tips to make things better this holiday season.

Student in a sleep experiment

Daylight Saving Time saves no one

Changes to time, and routine, can mess with our sleep. That doesn't just hurt our physical health — it makes us lonely.

View of the Somatomap screen in a woman's hand

Body image concerns are universal

A new app helps researchers understand the true extent of our insecurities.

Group of young people at a protest

Kids these days

Humanity has been complaining about ‘kids these days’ across cultures and generations for at least 2,600 years.

Tired student doing homework

Using stimulants to cram for exams ruins sleep and doesn't help test scores

Students looking to gain an academic edge by taking Adderall and other stimulants will find it backfires.

People cover their faces with photos of themselves smiling

Advice for introverts: fake it, and you'll be happier

Research suggests the happiest introverts may be extraverts.

Woman looking at reviews on her laptop

That online hotel review you wrote? It matters

Ratings act as free advertising for hotels with good reviews, a new study finds.

Waterfall with sunshine

How embracing awe may set you free

Waiting can cause anxiety for almost anyone, but a new study shows how awe can dispel its effects.

tunnel with light at the end

The trip of an after-lifetime

A growing community of researchers are approaching near-death experiences from an academic standpoint.