Campus climate

UC Berkeley Obi

Abused as a puppy, UC Berkeley’s new police dog finds second life on campus

Canine Officer Obi, a 14-month-old Springer Spaniel, started work last month as a bomb-detecting dog.

Student Advisory Board

New Student Advisory Board will provide input on sexual violence prevention and response

A 19-student panel will bring forward its ideas on combatting assault and harrassment.

UC Davis Carolyn Thomas

UC first-generation faculty to students: You’ve got this and we’re here to help

Mentorship program connects students who are the first in the family to college with faculty who have walked in their shoes.

UC Irvine 50 million gallons

UC Irvine to save 50 million gallons in drinkable water annually

Once completed, the project will mark a 42 percent decrease in consumption in a decade.

UC love stories

Campus-crossed valentines

For Valentine’s Day, we found four real UC love stories that transcend individual campus bubbles.

UC system leads innovative student evaluation process

A new survey implemented system-wide emphasizes the multifaceted nature of student success.

elegant terns on the beach

Why have the seabirds gone?

Warming waters and fishing pressure are driving nesting seabirds away from their ancestral breeding ground in the Gulf of California into northern harbors.

Al Gore: Democracy has been hacked

The former vice president speaks passionately about our political system, the environment and the future of humankind.
Jerry Kang

Law professor named UCLA’s first vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion

Jerry Kang draws praise for his commitment to fairness and his leadership skills.
UCSF 'die-in'

Life after the 'die-in'

UCSF medical students sparked a national movement when they launched #whitecoats4blacklives to bring attention to racial health care disparities. They also inspired campus leaders to address racism head-on.