Campus climate

elegant terns on the beach

Why have the seabirds gone?

Warming waters and fishing pressure are driving nesting seabirds away from their ancestral breeding ground in the Gulf of California into northern harbors.

Al Gore: Democracy has been hacked

The former vice president speaks passionately about our political system, the environment and the future of humankind.
Jerry Kang

Law professor named UCLA’s first vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion

Jerry Kang draws praise for his commitment to fairness and his leadership skills.
UCSF 'die-in'

Life after the 'die-in'

UCSF medical students sparked a national movement when they launched #whitecoats4blacklives to bring attention to racial health care disparities. They also inspired campus leaders to address racism head-on.
Tavurvur volcano

Small volcanic eruptions explain warming hiatus

How? Volcanoes cool the atmosphere because of the sulfur dioxide that is expelled during eruptions.
Dion Raymond and Lillie Hsu

New Discrimination Prevention Officers discuss mission, goals

Lillie Hsu and Dion Raymond have long-standing connections to UCLA. Their new positions are a key component to remedying bias, improving campus climate and strengthening UCLA’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.
UC Berkeley

Aiming to be a small world after all

Berkeley Connect is Cal’s plan to shrink a big, impersonal campus and reintroduce elements of the small liberal arts college experience.
dry river bed

Long dry spells ahead

By century's end, some parts of the world will have as much as a month less rainfall.

Earthworms contribute to climate change

Blame 'global worming' on the wrigglers: They increase greenhouse gas emissions from soils.

Largest campus climate survey to launch

In the nation's most extensive such survey, UC will ask students, faculty and staff about their experiences with diversity and inclusion at work and on campus.