UC Merced epigenomics

Can the study of epigenomics lead to personalized cancer treatment?

Chemical modifications that do not change our DNA but can affect gene activity are a new tool for biomedicine.

UC San Diego cancer blood test

New blood test could help detect and locate cancer early on

Tumors could be found without having to do biopsies.

UCSF newborn severe immune disorder

Gene therapy offers hope for newborns with severe immune disorder

Trial may lead to novel approaches for sickle cell anemia, cancers.

Fabian Filipp UC Merced

Precision targeting provides new insights into therapy-resistant cancers

Having found a promising new melanoma drug, professor has now identified regulators that control cancer.

DNA origami UC San Diego

Engineering undergrads use DNA origami to target cancer

Competitive biomedical team hopes folic acid weaving will unlock new treatments.

UC breastfeeding study

Breastfeeding study aims to break barriers

Checking a box when filing your taxes can help fund research like this innovative breastfeeding study.

Breast cancer scalp cooling

Scalp cooling can help some breast cancer patients retain hair

New study identifies way for majority of patients to lessen one of cancer's most devastating hallmarks.

Lou Gehrig UC Riverside

Researchers show how Lou Gehrig’s disease progression could be delayed

Study could lead to new drugs for spinal cord injury, Alzheimer’s disease and some cancers.

UCSF ORACL testing

Search engine: How artificial intelligence techniques are aiding the hunt for new drugs

Millions of untested compounds await a new method that will help sort through them.

UC Riverside death protein

Study provides new focus for developing drugs to fight cancer

An understudied protein could help combat treatment resistance in cancer cells.