UCSF fertility technique

Breast cancer patients can freeze their eggs without delaying chemotherapy

A new fertility technique enables doctors to harvest eggs in only two weeks.

UC fellowships no smoking

UC appoints new class of Smoke- and Tobacco-Free Student Fellows

Awardees from each of the 10 campuses will work to promote healthier communities via tobacco control.

UCSF Esserman WISDOM study

Massive study launched to test personalized approach to breast cancer screening

UC Health study aims to resolve ambiguity about the importance of annual mammograms.

UC Santa Cruz DNA tether

Rescuing damaged chromosomes

The discovery of a 'Hail Mary' mechanism for saving damaged cells could lead to new strategies to fight cancer.

UC Santa Cruz cancer crosshairs

Cancer in the crosshairs

UC Santa Cruz is taking on cancer where it begins: the genome.

UCSF prostate cancer scan

Scientists identify biomarkers to guide hormone therapy for prostate cancer

Study indicates that genomic test may personalize therapy for patients.

human T cells artificial

UCLA develops artificial thymus that produces cancer-fighting cells

This could be an important step for treating many different types of cancer.

UC Merced epigenomics

Can the study of epigenomics lead to personalized cancer treatment?

Chemical modifications that do not change our DNA but can affect gene activity are a new tool for biomedicine.

UC San Diego cancer blood test

New blood test could help detect and locate cancer early on

Tumors could be found without having to do biopsies.

UCSF newborn severe immune disorder

Gene therapy offers hope for newborns with severe immune disorder

Trial may lead to novel approaches for sickle cell anemia, cancers.