UCSF cancer Lawrence Fong M.D.

UCSF cancer immunotherapy clinic offers unique studies of promising treatments

Cutting-edge therapies are helping patients keep cancer in check for years.

UCLA Chen and Mahjoubfar

Microscope uses artificial intelligence to find cancer cells more efficiently

UCLA-invented device analyzes 36 million images per second and uses deep learning to identify rogue cells.

Keytruda UCLA

UCSF, UCLA join collaboration to advance national cancer initiative

Renowned UCSF immunologist to head new Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.

UCLA personalized medicine

UCLA study yields the key to effective personalized medicine

New platform optimizes drug doses to prevent organ rejection for transplant patients.

UC San Diego vitamin D

Higher levels of vitamin D correspond to lower cancer risk

Levels of 40 ng/ml or greater can make the disease as much as 67 percent less likely, UC San Diego researchers find.

UC Davis autism cancer

Cancer gene twice as likely to be defective in children with autism

A tumor suppressor is found missing in many autistic children and their fathers by UC Davis researchers.

UC Santa Cruz pediatric cancer

Building a ladder to a cure

UC Santa Cruz researchers open a new front in the treatment of pediatric cancer.

A human astrocyte grown in tissue culture. The blue stain indicates DNA inside the astrocyte’s nucleus and in other nearby cells.

Stem cell grants to help fight rare diseases affecting children

UC researchers from four campuses receive five grants totaling more than $21 million in funding.

Thirdhand smoke UC Riverside

Thirdhand smoke linked to Type 2 diabetes

UC Riverside and UCSF study has health implications for nonsmokers living in homes that have (or had) smokers.

UC Merced Fabian Filipp

UC Merced researchers identify drug that could treat melanoma

Scientists discover a genetic activation among patients with skin cancer that could be suppressed by a new drug.