Climate change

Redwood ferns

Drought hits redwood ferns hard, new study shows

UC Santa Cruz researchers find that extreme conditions test limits of plants and forest ecosystem.

Climate champion UC Merced

Faculty Climate Champion at UC Merced puts plan into action

Biodiversity professor to engage community in sustainability through concept of "lines."

Dahlia Garas plugging in her electric vehicle at UC Davis' West Village

Big wins for UC sustainability in 2015

UC made great strides in 2015 toward its goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2025, with investments in renewable energy leading the way.

Ocean warming

Study shows global ocean warming has doubled in recent decades

Scientists find that half of the global ocean temperature increase since 1865 has occured over the past two decades.

Conley measures methane emissions in Southern California

UC Davis pilot scientist measures Aliso Canyon methane leak

Leak that prompted Gov. Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency is doubling the emission rate for the entire Los Angeles Basin.

Bay Area Carbon Emissions Map

New interactive map compares carbon footprints of Bay Area neighborhoods

UC Berkeley helps produce a first-of-its-kind map to help neighborhoods reduce their carbon footprints.

Sustainable Los Angeles

Steps toward a sustainable golden age for Los Angeles proposed in new UCLA plan

Developing the plan involved more than two dozen faculty members from different disciplines across campus

UC's top 10 stories of 2015

From expanding enrollment to tackling climate change, 2015 was a big year for the University of California.

Cool Campus Challenge

Cool Campus Challenge crowns a winner

UC Irvine emerged victorious after a tight race to the finish in the first Cool Campus Challenge.

How UC is playing a unique role in race against climate change

How UC is playing a unique role in global race against climate change

UC is a participant in Bill Gates' Breakthrough Energy Coalition and has proposed 10 scalable solutions for "carbon neutrality and climate stability" in California.