Ecology & environment

The Earth with flames on it

Greta is right, researchers say

A global team of scientists suggests extraordinary action on sustainability is necessary soon to avoid a dark future.

Gradient of UC colors

The 10 biggest (non-COVID!) science stories you might have missed in 2020

During any other year, these groundbreaking advances would have been big news. Here’s some of what you may have missed while you were busy washing your hands.

Dolphin encountering a man with a mask

What dolphins can teach us about surviving COVID-19

Unlike humans, marine mammals have adaptations that allow them to thrive with low oxygen levels.

City skyline

Drop in pandemic CO2 emissions previews world of electric vehicles

A UC Berkeley sensing network shows a 25 percent drop in Bay Area CO2 levels immediately after shelter-in-place.

Becca Fenwick at the Blue Oak Ranch Reserve

Drone surveys reveal fire damage and recovery in UC natural reserves

Drone and ground surveys of nine UC nature reserves will help understand ecosystem recovery from wildfires.

Tsimane children on a riverbank

People’s bodies now run cooler than ‘normal’ — even in the Bolivian Amazon

‘Normal’ body temperature has declined all over the world — but why?

Plastic bags and bottles

A second life for plastic waste

Researchers develop a low-energy method for upcycling polyethylene plastic waste into valuable molecules.

Ironclad beetle

What makes an insect indestructible?

Materials scientists discover the design secrets of the ironclad beetle, which can even survive getting run over by a car.

Cronutt post-op

How a UCSF team is giving Cronutt the sea lion a second chance with neuroscience

Cronutt, a sea lion suffering from toxic algae-induced epilepsy — a problem on the rise due to climate change — gets a shot at a better life.

Young man smiles in campus garden

UCs top Sierra magazine's ‘Cool Schools’ rankings

UC Irvine takes the top spot with five other UC campuses in the top 30 of the Sierra Club’s sustainable schools list.