UC Davis shrimp mantis

Biology in Technicolor

Scientists are seeking to understand how, and why, color is produced by animals.

dog UC Davis

4 great ways to keep your dog safe this summer

Follow these tips from the School of Veterinary Medicine and enjoy the great oudoors worry-free.

UC Santa Cruz evolution

Did life begin ... on land?

A paradigm-shifting hypothesis could reshape our idea about the origin of life.

UC Santa Barbara wind turbines

How to pass laws to fight climate change

Don't say climate change — 'renewable energy' is the phrase that gets things done, study finds.

food movement UC Santa Cruz

Oldest university-based organic research and education facility turns 50

Looking back on the food movement and movers of 'the people's farm.'

downpour UC Riverside

California could get wetter this century

An analysis of 38 climate models suggests the state may want to break out its umbrella.

Nature value UC Santa Barbara

Putting a price tag on nature

A new model protects biodiversity by bringing ecology and economics together.

UC Davis Nathan Potter

Firefighters put animal rescue training to use

UC Davis' veterinary expertise helps successfully evacuate a barn in flames.

Photo of baby with pacifier

Toxic exposure: Chemicals are in our water, food, air and furniture

Are the chemicals we encounter every day making us sick?

Puma tree tag

The good news about mountain lions

Why we should be able to peacefully coexist with our four-legged neighbor.